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10th November 2019

ARIES: Create a situation in which you can get work done uninterruptedly. Patchy or ad-hoc routines undermine your efforts. Communications with close members of your family are harmonious at present. A greater flow of information ensures domestic satisfaction.
TAURUS: You’ll come across with a great charisma and magnetism today. Friends, relatives and colleagues will want to be near you. But don’t let them drain you at the same time. If you avoid the paperwork for an important financial matter, you’ll only postpone what has to be done eventually.
GEMINI: Asking questions is a safe bet and by reading between the lines you’ll more than likely get to the truth of others opinions. The power of speech is a key understanding you may need to acquire now while planets transit your second house.
CANCER: The financial theme continues today in the worry over money is eclipsing your ability to find a solution. Redirect that energy and think about the alternatives. Think also about outcomes and how that’s going to impact different areas of your life.
LEO: You’re feeling beautiful now and this is a perfect time to show off not only your physical attributes but your mental and social skills as well. There’s hope for new meetings and possibly even the acquisition of new friends who will over time become part of your traditional social circle.
VIRGO: Listen carefully to what’s being said around you because even though the lines of communication may contain a lot of static, literally and figuratively there is a deeper meaning to what is being said between the lines. Don’t spend undue amounts of time on people who aren’t going to be around much longer.
LIBRA: You generally have positive feelings today towards those you love but currently feel somewhat irritated, even aggressive. You know your limitations but maybe avoiding confronting your self now because this takes work and you are hard-pressed for time and mental or emotional space to deal with these things.
SCORPIO: Your willpower is obstructed at present and there’s not much you can do about. Water, however, assumes any shape and overcomes even the biggest obstructions. Be like water today. Cutting back on your expenses may be difficult as social opportunities demand that you spend more.
SAGITTARIUS: Change is in the air right now but this may not necessarily be self-initiated. You want to change but may be obstructed. Also, to cushion yourself against any unforeseen financial difficulties it’s a good idea to begin cutting back on some expenses in the coming days even if you’ve become accustomed to having enough to manage things.
CAPRICORN: Your partner may not approve of the friends you are hanging out with and this can cause friction. You need to bring the two parties face-to-face so that this can be put to bed. There is a sense of urgency to your domestic affairs and it could stress you.
AQUARIUS: You could be angry at someone but realise you must bite your tongue. Unless you have a way of letting off steam, this could adversely affect your health. You feel wild and want to do something that could shock others.
PISCES: Your idealism may be far too subjective today, so don’t be surprised when people look at you as if you have four heads. Keep your ideas and ideals practical for others to understand. You will develop a new style at this time. This can also be a time when you act with great compassion and imagination.