10th May 2019


ARIES: Embrace the unpredictability of this day, and (no matter what happens) remain calm! The tasks you face may not be easy, but everyone is rooting for you, and you can feed on that positive energy to get the strength you need to make an impression.
TAURUS: Today the sun will break through the clouds and create a rainbow in what could have been quite a rainy day. There is a new hope burgeoning within you, and you are finally starting to feel a refreshing wave of optimism.
GEMINI: Endurance is not always fun. Sticking around to satisfy a requirement isn’t nearly as enjoyable as experiencing fulfillment and happiness with a person, place, or thing. Unfortunately, when something important is at stake, you have to forgo the fun and hang in there.
CANCER: Someone with a critical eye will offer you some unsolicited advice today, and you should not be afraid to hear them out. Their reputation for painful honesty should be no excuse. Your feelings don’t matter when real knowledge is out there to be learned.
LEO: As you start to grow closer to someone new in your life, it is only natural that you are feeling a growing sense of responsibility for him or her. This is not something you should fear—it is something you should embrace with all of your heart.
VIRGO: Get out your lucky shovel and do some digging on your latest crush today—you may find out some information that gets you confused. If so, keep up with the investigation throughout the day and try to shed some light on who they really are.
LIBRA: Sure, the details of life can be a bit boring, but you definitely need to get a handle on them today—unless you want missed connections, misunderstood remarks, and monumental frustration. Spend a few hours of your time sifting through your priorities and your options.
SCORPIO: Your latest accomplishments are giving you total permission to put your feet up and relax for a while—so why aren’t you doing it? As much as you might want to, don’t push on any further today, because you are in danger of running out of gas. Listen to your body and give it a rest.
SAGITTARIUS: Someone dependable is suddenly acting flighty, and today it might feel like you have moved into a parallel dimension where things look normal, but really aren’t. There are many mysteries for you to solve, so get out your magnifying glass and explore all the nooks and crannies around you.
CAPRICORN: From time to time, it’s okay to skate by. Life is a matter of prioritizing energies, and sometimes the balance must fall against the side of hard work. Today, however, the effort of your investment equals your reward.
AQUARIUS: Sometimes you should be conservative and take things nice and slowly; at other times, you should throw all caution to the wind and just go for it! Guess what time it is today? Accept as many opportunities that are tossed your way today.
PISCES: If you can put yourself front and center today, it will be much easier for you to get the attention of someone very powerful—and good opportunities will come to you. In fact, acting boldly in everything you do today will yield some surprising and gratifying results.