10th May 2018


ARIES: Health and planning of long distance travel may cause some worries. Health and planning of long distance travel may cause some worries. Love and romance may recede to the background but it will be there in your heart.
TAURUS: You will also see your horizon widen, as many possibilities will come to light. Concentration is the key word now. Romantic relations will flourish if you choose to commit or consolidate. You may go on a spending spree with your beloved and burn a hole in your pocket.
GEMINI: You need to be extra careful and tactful as there may be a lot of people who do not appreciate your intervention. Your health may need special care as your astral signature indicates that you may feel out of sorts. You must be careful as you deal with your near and dear ones.
CANCER: The welfare of your near and dear ones will also be high in your agenda. While going about with your newfound confidence, you may be ready for anything and everything.
LEO: In official matters that need sorting remember to get everything in writing. Do not leave anything to chance. Try to tie up all the loose ends before you breathe a sign of relief. A new beginning is predicted for you.
VIRGO: Your mind will be concerned about your family members. You may feel pangs of sadness clouding your life. Be careful how you deal with your near and dear ones. Life can become very disorganized if your relationships go sour.
LIBRA: There may be a sudden craving for security today. This is in contrast to your normally stoic and stable mountain goat projected exterior. You shall plan for the future and shall try to make safe investments.
SCORPIO: You may have been formulating a plan of attack for quite a while now. However, unfortunately, you may need to alter these and think of a new approach. The reason for this is know to the stars themselves. Do not get disheartened. It is time to pay more attention to reality.
SAGITTARIUS: It has been a very stressful period for you, full of ups and downs and uncertainties. Believe in yourself, and you will be rewarded for your efforts. Prepare for endings or separations with people from the past. Those you’ve known may go through a dramatic reversal or change that sends them on a different path.
CAPRICORN: It is time to look at life seriously and come to a firm strategy. Eliminate whatever is hazy and go ahead with a clear vision. Possibility of certain old investments bringing in increase in income.
AQUARIUS: You might be concerned about your close relationship and they may have been at the back of your mind. Now is the time to bring them to the forefront and discuss all problems, doubts and come forth with all that remains unsaid. A sudden increase in expenditure is expected in the near future.
PISCES: You may find some obstacles blocking your progress but keep you cool and soon life will be smooth and carefree. Matters of the heart will trouble you and you may be unable to focus on matters that are immediately more important.