10th June 2019


ARIES: While you’re finding more joy in your varied pursuits, studies, and personal interests these days, you may be overwhelmed with things to do. You still have every chance to shine, but you may need to release some of the pressure to do more than is possible.
TAURUS: There can be a strong urge to prove yourself these days but others’ support or their company can be hard to pass on at this time. As much as you’d like to succeed and shine on your own merits, you also recognize the need for others or outside resources and talents to grow and excel.
GEMINI: As much as you’d like to do a partnership well and do your own thing magnificently, you may be feeling a little confused or tired, and finding a way to tone things down makes sense now. Getting to a state of balance can be challenging but rewarding now.
CANCER: Spreading yourself thin will not serve you well in the long run, and this is a time for making adjustments that lead to a healthier, more balanced life. Adjusting your expectations will do you a world of good at this time.
LEO: The need to slow things down and make adjustments before moving forward is apparent now, and it can be about romantic, pleasure-seeking, and creative pursuits. For some, you may be considering whether you want to pursue your goals on your own or enlist the help of others.
VIRGO: Try not to put too much pressure on yourself to do it all, and aim to cut back on excesses if you’ve taken on far too many projects. Obligations can feel burdensome, but you also have opportunities to grow through your experiences, and you might miss them if you’re overwhelmed.
LIBRA: Aim to maintain your enthusiasm but draw some limits. This influence might also produce a tense debate since you do have a bigger ego investment in your ideas or work at this time of year.
SCORPIO: You may be wrestling with demands on you from others and even your expectations of yourself. If you’ve been going over the top either indulging your interests or giving to others, this is a time when you’re ready to make adjustments.
SAGITTARIUS: Balance and compromise should be sought as you address areas where you may have been overwhelming or expecting too much of yourself. For example, if you’ve been overdoing your cries for independence or freedom, then it may be clear that something needs to slow down.
CAPRICORN: You could very well benefit from drawing limits and establishing boundaries, both with others and yourself. Seek out a better work-life balance.
AQUARIUS: It’s a yearly event that serves to remind you of areas where you may have been going overboard. It may produce a choice between shining on your own or sharing the work and credit, or there can be a conflict between your attention to group or friend activities and individual or romantic relationships.
PISCES: As much as you’d like to do both areas well, you’re realizing that something will take a hit if you exhaust yourself overdoing both. It’s time to restore balance in your life if you’ve been overshooting or expecting so much from yourself that the things you love doing are no longer bringing you joy.