10th June 2018


ARIES: If you’re confident of taking control of almost every aspect of life, there are still a few difficult questions left to answer. You need to distance yourself from those who have been leaning on you too much. Expect a last minute hustle and bustle even though you’ve done your homework. Flow into harmony with your honey.
TAURUS: Go ahead and indulge in a little something today – you’ve been working hard enough lately and you deserve it! Stars are urging you to get out and socialize. Siblings and neighbours will be wonderful company, so consider them when you make plans for entertaining.
GEMINI: You may find yourself in a difficult situation at work and the chances for progress may be damaged due to miscommunication. Take immediate action if you wish to avoid negative consequences. A longtime friend could help you out with money matters. You can make the necessary residential moves. Romantic enjoyments bring solace to you.
CANCER: Do not waste energy or time on secondary issues and distractions, You could feel very much in tune with things and with the people around you. Plan to get out and visit others rather than entertaining at home. Over-indulgence in work and worries may result in some minor illness. Don’t let your beloved take you for granted.
LEO: You may want to create a situation that allows you to express your intentions clearly. Travel could be on your agenda. A routine day that should enable you to accomplish a bit more than the usual. Discussions with an established individual help you find a missing clue. In romance, you might be left with many ifs and buts.
VIRGO: Your mind drifts away from work for a while and you find it difficult to concentrate. Get it together! You deal aggressively when it comes to financial negotiations. A rush of positive energy drives you to action; it’s the right moment to launch a project. Romance involves a splash of emotions and intriguing feelings.
LIBRA: You may take a different path at work, while others jockey for positions of importance. You could be up against a very sly and persuasive person and may be forced to take a major financial decision. A friend may come forward to help you out in a delicate issue. In romance, doing things together can bring you closer.
SCORPIO: You may have to contend with a number of distractions. An undercurrent of upheaval is now surfacing in your professional life. A financial matter may need your immediate attention. A prolonged dispute can finally be settled amicably. Let your heart be open to receive the magic your sweetheart has planned for you.
SAGITTARIUS: There is plenty to do today, so be sure to get a head start. Today is also good for catching up on email, so reach out and touch someone electronically. You might even consider sending a personal note through the mail, something that is fast becoming a forgotten thing.
CAPRICORN: The focus shifts to your career You should be aware of the emotional atmosphere if you’re working today, for arrows may strike out of the blue. Start focusing on your goals – both short-term and long-term, as you may have been off-track lately. It’s good to plan carefully, but you are in danger of procrastinating and running out of time.
AQUARIUS: Luck is on your side Focus on the things you want to accomplish today, as you’re likely to make progress; others may be discombobulated by today’s energy, but you can grab the tiger by the tail.
PISCES: Explore fresh vistas. Trying new foods and different cultures will be uplifting for you at this time; you might even consider signing up for a course in a foreign language. Shake the cobwebs out of your life by reaching for something that excites you. Spiritually-minded people will receive great fulfilment tonight, but others among you will follow your fantasies.