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10th July 2019

ARIES: You feel like some fresh activity in the social or romantic area. This cycle ushers in a new phase of love and life. It requires awareness and diligence to root out old habits. You should be lucky in achieving your social and emotional objectives today.
TAURUS: Secrets, perplexing issues and other hidden agendas rear their heads today. You need to do battle with this Medusa. Deal with each problem one-by-one. Someone may be embarrassed to point out your financial follies. Take note of cues, especially non-verbal ones.
GEMINI: Be wary of an advisor who appears to be high and mighty but in fact, is actually crawling beneath any sort of integrity. You’ll know the individual by the excessive promises they offer. Your job may take you outside of your normal locale.
CANCER: Unexpected friends or relatives may drop in and leave you short of time to complete other more pressing tasks. You need to limit your interactions with them. You may take a calculated risk, which could cause financial loss. Don’t overestimate your luck today.
LEO: You have a desire to mate, have children and start a family. This is particularly strong in those who are single. You can’t force the issue, but you can certainly create an energy around you to attract the right sort of person into your life. Work from the inside out.
VIRGO: You’re worried about a health issue but this may be minor and your concerns may be more of a problem than the problem itself. See to it. Attention is on your career activities and this gives you an opportunity to request a pay rise or better conditions in your workplace.
LIBRA: You may receive mixed messages from someone you are in a relationship with. You need to be clear in demanding that there is nothing at all ambiguous about the relationship. Looking back over your shoulder is not the ideal way to move forward and can put extra strain on a new and wonderful romance.
SCORPIO: Someone may need your assistance in funding a project, or perhaps a not-so-well-known charity requires a cash donation. Even if you have let go of a relationship, there may be moments of regret or the desire to reconnect with them. Hopefully, you are not too emotionally entangled.
SAGITTARIUS: You may have overlooked booking a ticket or grabbing some other special deal that was on offer, and now realise you’ve missed out. Asking the assistance of a friend may not be the best way around this as this could make you feel indebted to them.
CAPRICORN: Karmic influences are strong and impact upon your relationships. You may meet someone now who you feel you have known before. Sexuality, romance, entertainment and creativity combine today to make life interesting. Just don’t overdo it.
AQUARIUS: Your willpower seems to be at odds with someone else’s. Egos may end up clashing and causing problems in both work and personal arenas. You may be feeling quite physical today and need an appropriate outlet through sport or other competitive avenues.
PISCES: You can rationalize and justify some of your motives in friendship today but don’t assume your friends aren’t as hip to your mental manoeuvres as you think. You could be caught out on a mind trip if you’re not careful today.