10th July 2018


ARIES: Domestic front needs special attention. Work hard but keep your health in check as a little carelessness may cause you big trouble. Relax and do not over strain yourself mentally and physically. You shall also indulge in home improvement but donot overspend . Today your energy levels shall be high.
TAURUS: Today is the day to create romantic memories. Spend some special moments with your soulmate. Money flows in reaping gains for the decisions you had made in the past. But invest this money after a lot of thought. If required take some expert advice.
GEMINI: Though you feel lonely and dejected today but be strong and do not let others decide your course of plan. Some legal matters may be resolved. Family members need not only your time but also your love and affection. So do not neglect them. Just relax and be positive, indeed things will be fine and in your favour in no time.
CANCER: Social life will flourish and fine contacts will be made.You get the companionship and support of your spouse .Strong family ties and bonds will be forged .Friendships are cemented and renewed.You socialize ,spend marvelous time with family.
LEO: You shall get more deeply involved with your family and shall be able to spend quality time with them .Happiness from children and from the spouse shall give you the peace and tranquility in life. You shall be longing to go on a long holiday and try to make it materialize but Long distance travel are not visible presently but some short journey is possible.
VIRGO: There will be mood swings today. Try to be patient and gentle in your dealings with others specially your subordinates. Friends will be supportive. Children will make you feel proud. Difference of opinion with spouse is likely as you to tend to loose temper on nitty gritty issues. Keep a low note to avoid unpleasant situations.
LIBRA: Relationship with your spouse will be a matter of concern as it may get strained due to your rigid and careless attitude. Avoid quick money making schemes as loss is indicated. Meditation will bring peace of mind which you have been yearning for since quite some time.
SCORPIO: You shall give quality time loving care and attention to the home and family .You are generous, caring, loving and lots of fun to be with.You seek to share your material success with your loved ones.There is lots of socializing and partying and some truly uplifting and rewarding love and romance on the agenda today.
SAGITTARIUS: Avoid changes at home today. Just follow your daily routine with care and caution. Beware of someone who may take the credit of your work. Discuss your future plans with your family members and take heed of their advice. A good day for romance. You may receive visitors who will inform you of an interesting outcome of the past.
CAPRICORN: You will be in an optimistic and a happy go lucky mood today and this will be on account of someone very special helping you out in an unexpected way. Your charm and personality has a very good impact on people around you. Do not take loans for it may lead to disappointment in near future. Handle your finance carefully.
AQUARIUS: You shall receive love and respect from the people you care about .Social gathering shall be a source of enjoyment. You shall have the support of the people around you. You’re gentle,loving and giving and it reflects in all aspects of your life.There’s joy and enthusiasm all around you,even in the very air!
PISCES: You will concentrate your energy on family and shall be happy with it. Your spending may be more and you may repent it by the end of the day.You shall be seeing the world though rose tinted glasses. You may go for an outing which shall be quite happy and shall give you additional inner energy and zeal for life.