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10th January 2020

ARIES: There could be home repairs, family dramas, or internal changes to deal with in the coming weeks stimulated by this eclipse. If you’ve been overextending yourself, you need to find ways to get more downtime or do catch-up work around the home or with loved ones.
TAURUS: Writing, learning, sharing, publicity, and promotion are themes that reach a turning point. This eclipse reminds you of connecting with your true feelings about what you’re learning, communicating, and sharing.
GEMINI: There can be a tug of war going on with someone (or within yourself) over money, possessions, and matters of control. Whatever emerges now can force a needed change. Realizations about how to better handle or manage your money can happen now.
CANCER: You could be managing competing feelings related to the need for freedom and togetherness. Emotions run high, especially surrounding a personal matter or close relationship, and even with all of the emotional excitement, you can feel drained as you see things in a new light.
LEO: It’s time to take a break from overthinking, and circumstances occurring now seem to demand that you get a chance to tune out. This eclipse can push troubled areas to the foreground for your attention, and it might bring a health, secret, or private matter to light.
VIRGO: You might also come to powerful realizations about long-term happiness goals. You might need to come to a friend’s aid, or a buried problem in a relationship can come to light now and demands attention. Events occurring now are designed to push you in the right direction or along a more authentic path, and you need this background now to make meaningful choices later.
LIBRA: Responsibilities or problems that have been neglected or overlooked have a way of surfacing now for your attention. This lunation affects how you see your life path. It can push recognition or awards, or it may result in a change in your general direction or career focus.
SCORPIO: You may have felt very much tied to your desk, neighborhood, or projects, and you now need to answer a call to get away, even if this is only for the sake of mental refreshment. There can be some tense moments or impatience to deal with, or you could feel in a hurry even if there isn’t an actual rush, so check in with yourself.
SAGITTARIUS: There may be some drama with financial support, taxes, debts, investments, or a close relationship and its power dynamics now and in the weeks ahead. Instead, issues of trust reach a head. There can be new money coming into your life, or the need to shuffle around your finances to accommodate changes.
CAPRICORN: You’re challenged to find a balance between your autonomy/independence and your need for a perspective, person, or companion. There is comfort in going your own way since it means not having to answer to someone. However, this eclipse challenges you to face your attachments, emotions, and needs for nurture, even though it’s been very much about you and where you’re heading these days!
AQUARIUS: You might recognize that you’ve been so caught up in personal matters that you’ve neglected some elements of self-care, and now is the time of an epiphany, pushing you forward. It’s essential to embrace the need to take better care of the systems in your life, including your physical well-being.
PISCES: Revelations or news surrounding romance, children, or hobbies and creative pursuits can occur now and in the coming weeks. There might be illumination in a romantic affair and possibly some tests, but the path is clearing for more authenticity.