Friday, January 22, 2021
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10th February 2020

ARIES: There can be connections made that are truly useful and beneficial to you. Even so, there is also a practical theme to the day, and taking care of business is not only favored, it’s enjoyable.
TAURUS: It can be a time for a boost in popularity, or for gaining an edge or advantage in business or your career. Recognition for your efforts can be forthcoming. Even so, it’s also a creative day for you. Your senses heighten, and you can find yourself in a creative and even joyful mood.
GEMINI: Your affections feel pleasant, and your confidence is growing. You’re attracting others mainly through your ideas and beliefs or unique viewpoint and style. Appreciation feels good and reinforcing.
CANCER: Emotionally, you seem to feel stronger, and with this feeling, most areas of your life feel more manageable. Optimism increases now. While there is some important focus on your inner world today, it’s also a fine time for teaming or pairing up.
LEO: There can be particular enjoyment of work and health pursuits. It’s also a time when you readily support others and feel better for it. Focusing on your personal needs also makes sense since it helps you draw your boundaries, and discovering your inner strength boosts your relationships.
VIRGO: Energies for work and practical matters are particularly empowering for you today. You can gain an advantage with a real feel for what others want, coupled with your confidence in what you’re doing.
LIBRA: Friendly energy is with you even though you can be a little retiring. It’s a time for engaging your imagination, relaxing, resting, and reflecting. If it’s possible to take a light schedule today, it’s a good idea.
SCORPIO: Today’s energies are particularly favorable for light activities. A focus on healing energies and positive reinforcement can be most welcome. It’s a good day to honor uniqueness and freedom of spirit.
SAGITTARIUS: You might gain an advantage through information, news, or an important project now. Or, you might develop a mutually beneficial relationship. Cooperation goes a little deeper than usual, and you could find that as you boost and support someone, they return the favor.
CAPRICORN: You’ve been getting in touch with your needs and wants in recent weeks, and this helps boost your decision-making skills. Constructive and respectful conversations or shared activities can figure strongly and feel right now. You might gain an edge or get ahead in your work or business.
AQUARIUS: You’re especially sensitive and aware emotionally, but also a bit susceptible to wishful thinking, which can skew perceptions a bit. It’s not an ideal time to purchase or invest, but it’s a fine time for mental explorations.
PISCES: Today’s influences are particularly supportive on an emotional level. You might feel you’ve gained an edge or learned something genuinely useful, and this boosts you up. Your observations and insights are on point, and you see your inner needs and desires more clearly.