Thursday, August 5, 2021

10,000 fruit trees adopted at the launch of Trees for Wealth

Dimapur, November 22: At the historic launch of Entrepreneurs Associates’ ‘Trees for Wealth’ movement at Hotel Vivor, Kohima, 10, 000 trees have been adopted by patrons to invest 50% of the cost for saplings to enable farmers to avail it at subsidized rates.
The movement is an attempt to plant 2 million fruit trees across the state covering 200 villages by providing saplings to farmers at 50% cost with the other 50% supported by investments and CSRs.
The Trees for Wealth (TFW) was launched at a Gala dinner in the presence of Neiba Kronu, Minister of Planning & Co-ordination, Land Revenues & Parliamentary Affairs, Government of Nagaland as a special patron.
Addressing the august gathering of heads of Departments, Educational Institutes, Civil Societies and Churches, Neiba thanked EA for the initiative of contributing to livelihoods of the state and climate change globally. A vocal champion of farmers and agripreneurs, the Special Patron said that this was the way forward and the right direction for Nagas who are blessed naturally with ideal climate and fertile land.
The Minister also stated that government jobs are no longer the solution, but such activities are to be encouraged for the grand future of our land.
Speaking on ‘Why Trees For Wealth?’ EA’s CEO and Coordinator, Neichute Doulo said “We hope, such a movement will help our young people to see economic opportunities in our land-based economy. We hope our young people will not become absentee fathers by having the option to be engaged in jobs that does not keep them away from their families which is often detrimental for families. Our land based economic development will hopefully keep our family together.”
Neichute assured that it will Reverse Urbanization by encouraging people to see opportunities in our villages.
He further added that “EA prides in being based on the foundation of local contributions firmly rooted on the concept of Feast of Merit and giving back to society. Till date we are proud to say that EA’s success can be attributed to local participation and support from community.”
The CEO also assured that the movement will make Nagaland the Fruit Hub in India and transform the economic landscape of the state. He said that Trees for Wealth is the perfect answer to the huge unemployment crisis that is facing the state today.
Speaking to the gathering, Naga thinker and elder Niketu Iralu, spoke about the need for civil societies to be engaged in movements that will benefit society.
Chaired by Susan Angami, Lead Trainer EA; a launch video on Trees for Wealth was screened for the diners. Live music at the event was provided by celebrated Naga musicians, Khyo TCK, Akho Chielie and Zubeni Kikon. Rev Rachulie Niu Vihienuo also blessed the movement and dedicated the initiative to the God.
During the event, a special recognition of the patrons who have adopted fruit trees to be planted across the state was also done. (Page News Service)