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10 July 2020

ARIES: Why listen to the advice of others when it comes to money matters? You have a good enough head on your own shoulders to work this stuff out for yourself. You just need a little polishing around the edges to get better at it. That takes time and extra practice.

TAURUS: You may not be able to put your finger on exactly what it is about someone or some situation that doesn’t feel quite right. Your intuition will more than likely kick in and give you the answer. In time, what you learn will turn out to be true.

GEMINI: Try to be sensitive to the feelings of others at work. If you’re wondering why there’s a vague undercurrent of tension, it’s to do with your style. You’ve been a little heavy-handed lately. On the other hand, spontaneous and enjoyable times can be shared with close friends and family.

CANCER: Take time to develop your skills of empathy at this time. You need to understand that taking the time to personally connect and pay attention to others is important. This applies equally to professional activities as it does to your personal life.

LEO: Take a calm, cautious approach to your current situation. You want to hasten some action but that would be a mistake at this time. For that reason, you must take extra care if travelling and moving about. Deal with others fairly and squarely and be seen to be completely impartial.

VIRGO: You may think this is a time of endings only to find that it’s actually a case of confusion. You should, by no means, be succumbing to other people’s demands. They may have you believe that what they’re saying is true. For the sake of ease, you might cut corners and believe them.

LIBRA: A great deal of encouragement on your part helps someone off to a good start. They may have previously been floundering and your encouraging words give them the confidence they need. You also need to focus on what constitutes genuine accomplishments rather than empty achievements.

SCORPIO: You must now break things down into their constituent parts to understand how to achieve your goal most efficiently. This feels as if you’re acting out of character. Sometimes, tennis players have to change their serve.

SAGITTARIUS: You’re bothered by untidiness and other bad habits. You may be living or working with someone careless. That’s going to irritate and distract you. You can only teach others by example, especially if you’ve already addressed the issue time and time again.

CAPRICORN: 20/20 hindsight seems to be the lesson of karma now. You can’t always know exactly how things are going to turn out even if you plan impeccably. Somehow, you have to create even better schedules and work more on your foresight.

AQUARIUS: You’re discovering hidden aspects of your own personality and this may surprise you. If you unleash these talents and knowledge on others, it may surprise them even more. Coming to terms with these new insights restrains your emotional impulses.

PISCES: You have an extremely idealistic attitude over the coming days. You want to step off the treadmill of life and refresh yourself. With an emerging vision, you see possibilities that didn’t appear before. It’s as if someone’s turned on the light in the darkness.