Sunday, February 28, 2021
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10-hrs Nagaland bandh today


– Demands solution before LS polls
– Protest against CAB 2016

Dimapur, February 10: A 10-hours total bandh will be observed across Nagaland on Monday from 6 am to 4 pm to demand solution to the Indo-Naga political issue before the ensuing Lok Sabha election and to protest against the contentious Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2016.
The Joint Coordination Committee of civil organizations, tribal bodies and indigenous citizens of Nagaland said the bandh has been called to show resentment of the people of Nagaland against the lackadaisical attitude of Government of India in dilly dallying the conclusion of political negotiations for years.
“The Nagas are now feeling agitated for the fact that years of negotiations without apparent solution tantamount to taking Nagas for a ride,” it said.
The JCC also termed the ‘Election for Solution’ promise of the ruling BJP ahead of last year’s State assembly election has become a ploy by which Nagas are “tactically suppressed.”
The GoI is expected to be transparent and more honest with its citizens rather than giving false hope and ultimately betray them citing excuses, it said.
It may be recalled that almost all Naga organizations had demanded deferment of the 2018 State assembly election under the slogan ‘Solution before Election’. But Nagas relented after national BJP leadership convinced Naga people with the assurance of “Election for Solution,” leading to the assembly election being held in 2018 and the BJP won a record number of seats and is a coalition partner in the PDA Government in Nagaland.
According to the JCC, rubbing salt to the injury, the GoI is hell bent to impose its political agenda as the Citizenship Amendment Bill passed by Lok Sabha on January 8 is expected to be tabled in Raja Sabha anytime. This was also confirmed by Ram Madhav, national secretary, BJP, who said the Bill will be processed as supplementary item.
“Against the Bill, the people of North East, cutting across political barriers, vehemently voiced their rejections of the Bill. However, it is regrettable to note that the Prime Minister of India undertook visits to few NE states with the intention to pacify the people,” it said.
The JCC made it clear that whatever assurances the GoI has given on CAB and its implications, “one cannot be duped for the reason that there is no mechanism by which the indigenous people can be protected locally or nationally from the menace of the law once CAB is enacted.” It observed that such relentless lobby of GoI for the Bill amounts to total disregard to the sentiment of NE people.
Appealing to all citizens of the State to observe the Nagaland bandh, the JCC said, “The bandh so scheduled is expected to be democratically peaceful and voluntary participation by every citizen knowing the issues for which this mass agitation is necessitate as such law will have immense ramifications of both direct and indirect adverse impact on one’s future.”
The committee appealed to all tribe hohos and GBs to coordinate and monitor the bandh to see that under any circumstances no violence should take place but peacefully observed.
The bandh is a conscience call to the people to rise on the occasion and protect our rights, privileges, dignity and security, it added. (Page News Service)