Monday, November 30, 2020
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10 colleges withdraw support to ANCSU


Dimapur, November 29: Ten colleges from Nagaland has withdrawn support and initiated non-cooperation towards the All Nagaland College Students’ Union (ANCSU) over what it alleged was the “undemocratic” conduct of the ANCSU election.
The 10 colleges are Pfutsero Govt College, Phek Govt College Students’ Union, Peren Govt College Students’ Union, Mount Tiyi College Wokha, Students’ Council, Bailey Baptist College, Wokha; Modern College Students’ Union Kohima, Capital College of Higher Education, Kohima; Model Christian College Students’ Council Kohima; Salt Christian College, Dimapur and Unity College Students’ Council.
In a joint statement, the 10 college students’ bodies alleged “unacceptable conduct” of the Election Commission in clear violation of the code of conduct as per Article No. 14 of the ANCSU constitution.
“The Election Commission is supposed to maintain neutrality and to ensure that the election is conducted in a democratic manner. However, in the recently held ANCSU elections, the Election Commission outrightly insinuated as well as participated in undemocratic means which has destroyed the entire purpose of having ANCSU elections,” it alleged.
The statement alleged that the recommendation letters countersigned by the principals of some colleges were cancelled even though they were already submitted prior to the day of election. “The recommendation letters were duplicated on the spot and the general secretaries were forced to sign. The assistant general secretaries were compelled to issue duplicate recommendation letters in the presence of the general secretaries while the general secretaries were barred from voting,” it claimed.
The 10 colleges also alleged that the Election Commission engaged in the use of force during the election. “Riot police force was engaged to barricade the whole entrance of the conference. Students were forcibly pushed outside the conference on the day of election following the direction of the Election Commission and the then ANCSU president. Use of violence and force in such a gathering is totally unbecoming and unacceptable. Further, words such as “Get Out” were used when some students came to address their rights. Then again, the Election Commission exhibited biasness by barring some colleges from voting stating that they were late but allowed some colleges to vote though they were also late.”
Stating that while the ANCSU conference serves as a platform for students to come together and discuss ways and means to promote the welfare of the students, the statement claimed that the recently concluded conference exhibited a totally contrasting scenario.
“The presence of the police force created a fear psychosis in the minds of the student community and disrupted their peace of mind throughout the conference. The recently concluded ANCSU election has violated the sanctity of student organization and the Election Commission has insinuated and exhibited undemocratic behaviours,” it alleged.
The statement further claimed that the 10 colleges presented its grievances to the ANCSU office through Tribunal General to rectify and beseech their prompt intervention into the matter and to undo the wrongs that have taken place yet the Tribunals failed to address the issue and continue with the change of guard. “So their ignorance and injustice had leaves us with no choice but to initiate non-cooperation towards ANCSU for departing from the core objectives and vision of the student community,” it added. (Page News Service)