10 Avengers: Infinity War fan theories that might come true

10 Avengers: Infinity War fan theories that might come true

Priyanka Sundar

Reddit is a gift that keeps on giving, or in case of Avengers: Infinity War, it is the Pandora’s Box. You read the first spoiler and you are hooked. By the time you are done with say, five threads about Avengers: Infinity Wars, chances are you know at least 50% of what might unfold in the biggest superhero movie to be made ever. After reading most of what is being discussed, here are 10 of the most interesting and plausible fan theories picked from speculation and so-called script leaks.
1. T’challa and Shuri help the Avengers by extracting the Vision stone.
The fact that Vision has to die because Thanos will be gunning for the mind stone is an assumption supported by logic. However, that might not be the direction where Marvel is headed. From the many TV ads, trailers and clips that we have seen so far, it looks like Thanos does try really hard to get his hands on the mind stone, but he hasn’t succeeded yet. Fans show proof with a shot of Thanos where he is seen wearing two stones – likely the space stone and power stone – on his knuckles. Neither of them match Vision’s mind stone. This coupled with the fact that the war reaches Wakanda does hint at the fact that the mind stone is hidden there.
2. Gamora, considered to be Thanos’ favourite asset (daughter) might be sacrificed to attain the soul stone.
This is a theory that I am on the fence about. While initially the argument that Gamora is Thanos’s favourite adopted daughter and hence he would kill her to attain soul stone seem plausible, but give it another thought. Firstly, Gamora is not a character that has seen major development in the series and to kill her might come off as simplistic. Secondly, she also happens to be the only female Guardian. Third, Gamora is set to be a part of Guardians of the Galaxy 3. However, in one of the trailers, we see Bruce carrying a woman who seems to look like an unconscious Gamora.
3. Thor’s new hammer – Stormbreaker.
Thor is set to get his hands on a new hammer, which is called the Stormbreaker. It will be made at Tor power plant, where he is also expected to meet the Dwarf (expected to be played by Peter Dinklage). While it is not clear if Peter Dinklage does play the character of the Dwarf, we are sure that Thor gets his hands on another hammer, which he then powers up with the help of lightning. This is seen in one of the TV ads that was aired. He is also seen accompanied by Rocket and Groot. Another TV spot shows them travelling in their own space pod while Star-Lord, Gamora and Mantis head in a different direction.
Fun fact: In the comics, the Stormbreaker belongs to an alien named Beta Ray Bill, who is the only other creature powerful enough to wield the weapon.
4. Loki in the Black Order
There is a scene in one of the many trailers where Loki is seen handing over the Tesseract to someone. We can assume this to be the Black Order. This could be to save the many Asgardian lives. But, in another trailer, we also see Loki standing with the Black Order, albeit with Thanos’ adopted daughter Proxima Midnight watching him.
5. Hulk will get a suit too!
This is because Banner loses the ability to transform into Hulk. The speculation began with the introduction of the Avenger toy, which has Hulk sporting the brand new suit made for him by Tony Stark. The precedence here is set by the Avenger Assemble #6 comic which came out in August 2012, in which the Hulk is the Trojan horse and the situation is quite similar to that of the Infinity War.
6. Time stone will be taken from Dr Strange.
One of the many trailers that were aired shows one of Thanos’ adopted children, Ebony Maw, torturing Dr Strange to get his hands on the time stone. This is shocking, seeing as Dr Strange is supposed to have the strongest minds in the Marvel universe.
7. Bucky will replace Cap, after Avengers IV
Rumours about it being titled Avengers – Disassembled has already made way. This speculation surfaced after news of Chris Evans’ Marvel contract set to expire came out. However, one thing is certain. Bucky is suited up to fight side by side with Cap in Avenger: Infinity Wars, which is seen in one of the TV spots that was aired in China.
8. Possibly Iron Man’s end is near.
The same trailer which showed Thanos owning four infinity stones also gives a glimpse of Iron Man getting out of his armour in space and a close-up shot of Tony Stark who looks just about ready to die.
9. The connection between Cap, the soul stone and the reason why fans believe this could lead to his death
This one is far-fetched and yet chances of it being true are present too. The only stone that Thanos has not got his hands on is the Soul Stone. At the same time, Captain is able to stop Thanos’ gauntlet (with space stone and power stone), catch Proxima Midnight’s spear, almost lifts Thor’s old hammer Mjolnir and the light orange tinge to his eyes when he stops Thanos are the reasons why fans seem to think he has the soul stone in him. After Thanos gets his hands on the mind stone, time stone, power stone, space stone and reality stone – which he does according to one trailer – he would face Cap, setting the perfect exit for the hero.
10. Another possibility for the soul stone – Adam Warlock.
In the Marvel comics, Adam Warlock is a character who is the exact opposite of Thanos. In the post-credit scene in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, we saw a golden sarcophagus that Ayesha of the Sovereign claims is a new kind of cocoon for Adam Warlock to be created. In the comics, Adam is a cosmic being who fights Thanos and also has one Infinity stone, the soul stone, which is how he is created. But, will this be the case with the film? (Courtesy: Hindustan Times)