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1 October 2020

ARIES: You are likely to receive a windfall of some sort today. Be cautious with it. If you invest it wisely it will serve you long and well. Your curiosity has been piqued about some rather esoteric subjects, such as the “dark arts, perhaps. Why not visit your local library to check out some books on these topics of interest?

TAURUS: A change of scene is in store for you. It is unclear whether or not this is a voluntary move, but it is clear that chaos and confusion reign over the next few days. There is much to be done. Fortunately, your organizational abilities serve you well.

GEMINI: Home could be a depressing place today. Family members could be out doing their own thing, and the four walls could seem to be closing in on you. This is, therefore, a great day to get out, even if you have to go by yourself. Take a walk through the park, as being in the open could lift your spirits.

CANCER: Do not be hesitant to speak up about important issues. You may have been holding back your thoughts in a certain situation for fear of overstepping your bounds or upsetting someone. You are probably underestimating the value of your input. The truth is that the other person or people involved will be glad to hear your point of view, and grateful that you have spoken up.

LEO: Some rather depressing dreams could come your way tonight. They might be of the gloomy type that forces you to wake up and ground yourself in reality once more. Don’t try to make sense of them now, and don’t jump to the conclusion that they’re prophetic. It’s far more likely that they represent symbolic images of various matters that are bothering you right now.

VIRGO: The desire to write down your thoughts on a subject you’ve been either thinking about or possibly even researching could come upon you today – even if you don’t try to do any more with it than post it on an Internet newsgroup. If you’ve been thinking about trying your hand at a magazine article, on this or any subject, this is the time to get started.

LIBRA: Have you been feeling very psychic recently? Has a recent dream or premonition come true? Any insights that you receive today aren’t likely to be clothed in complex symbolism – they should be forthright and up front, easily understandable. Write them down when they come! You’ll want to check them later.

SCORPIO: Social events, whether organized parties or impromptu get-togethers with friends, should be more than enjoyable today. You’ll feel a strong sense of belonging, of being a part of a family or community, and a rush of affection for everyone involved. No matter what you think you have to do, don’t turn down an invitation.

SAGITTARIUS: More than one phone call could come to you today bringing absolutely wonderful news! Exciting and wonderful changes are in the wind, but you need to bear in mind that with the good news comes the unknown. Your life may be turned virtually upside down.

CAPRICORN: Someone may skip out on their responsibilities today, causing extra tasks to fall to everyone else, including you. This might stir up some anger and resentment among everyone else, and it’s definitely going to cause more stress. Delegate if you can.

AQUARIUS: Multi-tasking is the word that best describes today. You simply don’t have the luxury of focusing on one project and seeing it through to the end before beginning another. Instead, you have one client on hold while dialing the number of another.

PISCES: Today you might spend a lot of time looking for a lost object. This item probably isn’t all that valuable except sentimentally. Still, it’s important to you to find it. This actually isn’t a good day to search, as you’re in a rather frenzied state and could look right at it without seeing it. Wait until tomorrow, then look.