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1 cadre of Niki Sumi group of NSCN shot dead

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DIMAPUR, OCTOBER 18: In an inter-factional clash, one cadre of Niki Sumi group of NSCN was shot dead near Khehoi camp at around 11 p.m., on October 17. He has been identified as Atoka Kinimi.
Confirming this, Dimapur Police said that a total of 4 people from Niki group were involved in the incident, and while one was shot dead in the clash, another was rescued by Dimapur police in the morning of October 18.

According to sources, Atoka along with other cadres of Niki group had gone to pick up some defectors, reportedly near Khekhoi camp. However, during the process, they were attacked by the cadres of GPRN/NSCN in which Atoka was killed on the spot but his two other accomplices escaped from the spot. Atoka’s body was later picked up by the police.
Sources said that one of the cadres of Niki group was ‘arrested’ by the GPRN/NSCN group, who was reportedly rescued by Dimapur police.
Meanwhile, after the death of one of its cadres, NSCN (Niki) in a statement issued today questioned the motive behind the killing of Additional Secretary, Atoka Kinimi at this juncture when all Nagas are yearning for peace.
It said, “the fact of the matter is that from inception, the formation of GPRN/NSCN was and is till based on ceasefire perks and benefits, having seen not a day of sacrifice for the Naga nation as an organization, has continually followed the mantra of fratricidal acts among Naga brethren, believing that to be their sacrifice to the nation.”
The statement issued by MIP, NSCN/GPRN highlighted some “insidious acts perpetrated on fellow Nagas to garner prominence and instill fear psychosis”.
It stated that Ghukato Assumi, the then GPRN Secretary of NSCN/GPRN was brutally gunned down in the heart of Zunheboto town, which triggered the conflict between the two groups.
The MIP stated that at one point of time, GPRN/NSCN agreed to co-operate with the demands made by NSCN (IM) to the Government of India. Backtracked on their decision, when they formed the NNPGs and cold heartedly murdered Maj. Toishe of NSCN (IM) in Dimapur and thus the conflict with NSCN (IM) ensued as if the NSCN (IM) could give the NNPGs’ desired solution.
It further stated NNPGs have been making a hue and cry, claiming that the negotiations are over, even before NSCN/GPRN revived it’s ceasefire agreement but ever since, “we revived the ceasefire agreement, the NNPGs have somehow started to believe that NSCN/GPRN can grant them solution by brutally gunning down our Addl. Secretary Atoka Kinimi and also spreading malicious propaganda of our government to achieve their solution.”
“What is their motive or objective in the killing of Addl. Secretary Atoka Kinimi at this juncture when all Nagas are yearning for peace”, it asked.

The NSCN/GPRN said it would welcome NNPGs if they can come up with constructive suggestions rather than destructive criticisms for strengthening the Naga political talks. It said fratricidal acts among the groups would not benefit the Naga political talks in any way.
The NSCN (Niki) said it has decided to give peace a chance, heeding to the call of Nagas to end bloodshed, “therefore, NSCN/GPRN leaves it to the wisdom of the Naga people to introspect profoundly on the events that have transpired”.
It also reaffirmed its stand for peace and said, “Naga unity and Nagas’ aspirations towards an inclusive and amicable political solution are our ideology and guiding principle.”
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