07 March 2020


ARIES: At the moment, there’s great potential to get ahead. This is due to your increased energy and excitement. You’ll get the most out of your time when you include others in the team spirit. This is true for social activity as well as your work. You may, however, find collaboration with others demanding.
TAURUS: Even if you’re in the midst of conflict try to show your highest degree of respect. Common sense and courtesy will win hands down today. You want to earn more money but realise you need to make an extra effort by taking on greater responsibility.
GEMINI: Key issues now are home, personal life, and close family relationships. You feel quiet and reflective and a need to be closer to home and loved ones. You draw strength and satisfaction from your family roots now. If all is not well in this area, you’ll have to deal with those difficulties or inadequacies.
CANCER: Sceptics and other naysayers will try to shoot down your broad-minded ideas. You have to plant your feet firmly on the ground in order to gain support. You feel as if your fertile mind is being hijacked by trivial matters. This is a test of your patience.
LEO: Try to pay more attention to detail, especially if you’re working with technicalities. It would be a good time to schedule a discussion or skill improvement program. This will enhance your existing abilities and give you the edge against your competitors.
VIRGO: If you are single and looking for security, the danger is that you could settle for second best for fear of missing out. Stick to your guns, raise your standards and don’t worry about this. All good things happen to those that wait. Work commitments are frazzling your nerves.
LIBRA: You’re working through past issues and trying to make sense of them. It’s likely you’ll draw on spiritual insights to work through this. Confusion looms over a relationship doesn’t mean you have to compromise your values. You may also be forced to do something against your will.
SCORPIO: Stand out and be different even if everyone is trying to do the same. The solution is as always, quite simple – be yourself! You don’t really need to do much to attract attention at the moment. You really have underrated yourself in your own mind.
SAGITTARIUS: You’ll make some real headway by getting your life direction clearer now. Disciplining yourself to improve performance is important. Any obsession you’ve had will end now but in the meantime focus on the positive in your life.
CAPRICORN: You’re blocked in your expression today. You shouldn’t fear to hurt people’s feelings or to get them off-side. You’ve been treading on eggshells for too long, overly sensitive to others needs. Remain adaptable to different sorts of people. Silence is the greatest tact you can use right now in this respect.
AQUARIUS: Visitors are an imposition today. If you’ve planned something a little quieter and personal guests are not necessarily welcome. Say no if you’re not in the mood. An assertive personal style is what’s needed right now even at the risk of treading on a few toes.
PISCES: You’re feeling rebellious towards people generally. You feel that others are calling the shots and manipulating you. It’s high time you become free from this restriction. It’s better to confront the problem sooner, rather than later.