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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

On observance of NAGA DAY

Tuesday, 09 January 2018 11:38
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 This writing is for all of my fellow  Nagas and friends of Nagas who will be gathering for NAGA DAY on the 10th of January 2018 at Kohima Nagaland, which is the epi-center of all operations for our Naga family and Nagas without borders as we call it now. I believe without a shadow of doubt that it is going be an emotional and spiritual experience.

I am personally convicted that our love and emotion needs to be released for each other in our Nagas without borders. 

I was born and raised in Nagaland as a full blooded Naga of Ao and Angami heritage. My father an Ao naga from Merangkong village in Mokokchung district from the Yimsung (imsong/imsung) clan and my mother of Angami Heritage from Kohima village (Kewhimia)  of the Pfuchachumia / P/Khel , Rutsa's clan. 

 I have been away from Nagaland as a Christian missionary in the Asia -pacific region for thirty two years since 1986 in Singapore and Australia. Spending more than half of my life overseas there has always been an emotional attachment I have for my Naga family. Whilst living abroad , I would always look to connect with my Naga people regardless of origin. Even though I spent most of my life away from my Naga homeland and Naga people , My Naga homeland and  Naga people were never away from me . My missionary calling and passion had called me to be away from my homeland and its people , but my love for my people was always strong in my heart and it's still the same as it has been for the last thirty two years.  I find this pride and love that I have for my people as one of my many strengths , it has given me the grace to be able to survive and succeed in some of the most volatile and challenging times in my life.  Thanks be to our heavenly Papa God.  

I am a simple man but my spirit is spiritually tuned and focus on God through prayer and ministry. It has been such a great blessing to have a godly wife who is also on the same page and frequency in prayer and intercession. 

In one of my early morning prayer walks in Queensland, Australia in 2008, I was prompted by the Holy Spirit  to go home to pick up the phone and call the Honorable Chief Minister Mr Neiphiu Rio. I was  brought to tears while we talked on the phone. This was what I said to him, "Honorable CM ,  '' I would like to request you to invite all the overseas Nagas to come to Nagaland and have a dialogue with our Naga people , because we are also Nagas , and we would like to contribute to the development of our homeland '' ... The honorable CM gave me a patient hearing and said '' Rev, thank you for the care and concern you have for our people and land, It's a very good idea , I will take it up with my colleagues and get back to you." 

Now the task of contacting Nagas around the world was not easy and simple, most of the people I contacted had not known me prior to me contacting them. It was not cheap financially and physically challenging with the thought of different time zones. Many were taken by surprise, some were not interested, some discouraged me, some were suspicious of me thinking that i was a spokesman of one Naga nationalist factions trying to recruit them and raise funds.

 The Honorable Chief Minister kept his word by taking the bold step  together with Mr Z. Lohe his political advisor , in which he took charge of the organizing committee and hosted the historic first 'Naga consultative summit with Overseas Nagas ' at Kohima from the 5th- 7th March 2009 at hotel Japfu. This was the first time an organization called the Overseas Naga Association ( ONA ) was officially formed on the 4th of March 2009 on Naga soil. Thirteen of us from  Australia, Japan, Korea, UK , and USA were officially invited as the state guests to share our hearts and vision for our wider Naga family. 

It's prophetic, because even though we had been living abroad for many years , we had to return to Kohima the epi-center of the Nagas without borders to give birth to the organization. 

This is what I call 'emotional and spiritual attachment or connection'

The Summit was historic , because for the ' first time  different Naga nationalist factions came face to face and shared their hearts with one another and other Naga leaders present there. Since then much progress has be achieved , in terms of our common oneness and togetherness. I hear the heart of Odi Rev. Dr Wati Aier and team FNR . I salute and say shalom to their team for their dedication and their efforts. Today I can proudly say and write here that there is an overseas Naga platform which is connected with our fellow Nagas in the four corners of the globe  and those who are looking for their wider Naga families beyond their respected adopted  city , region and country of residence can find us and get connected whether to do with cultural, emotional and spirutual etc.. This I call it ' THE NAGAS WITHOUT BORDERS' and in closing and in short . 'NAGAS ARE A FAMILY '

May we as a Naga family be willing to listen to what our heart is saying to us in common journey of hope. May God raise up Nagas no matter where they are and who they are to love and respect the Naga family Amen !

 I believe this scripture is for us today ....ECCLESIASTES 3:11 

" He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart,

yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end."

 I wish the NAGA DAY a grand success, may our heavenly Papa GOD be gracious and generous to all who attend , may many first and historic positive  connections be birthed again on the 10th January 2018 for the glory of God . 


Apostle , Rev . Luoliehu  Marlemba Yimsung

Initiator & Ambassador at large , Overseas Naga Association  ( ONA ) 

Founder , Leaders Arise Nagaland ( LAN ) 

Sydney , Australia


  Let us all ponder once again about Naga Day History Repeats