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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Imkong L Imchen on deferment of Assembly polls

Thursday, 28 December 2017 12:11
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As a concerned Naga Citizen, once again let me provoke my fellow citizens on the Naga Political Issue, while conveying my heartfelt gratefulness to the support to my unpolished language/approach at the same time through this statement I am wishing "A Very Very Happy New Year-2018". A New Year with a difference. Difference, because I am optimistic about the impending Political Settlement within 2018.

At the outset, the Naga people should be personally grateful to the quality leadership provided by Shri. Narendra Modi the Hon'ble Prime Minister of the country especially in the context of the Naga Political issue. He is likely to be successful where, Pandit Nehru and Indira Gandhi has failed. We should also be grateful to Shri. Th. Muivah and leaders of the 6 (six) NNPG for their bold and courageous decision to engage themselves to bring about a Political Settlement, so as to offer the most desired aspiration of the Nagas which is due for the last more than seven decades. Such decisions were perhaps easier said than done.

The Resolution of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly passed on 15/12/17 in-line with the Resolution of the Meeting of the Ex-Parliamentarian, and present Members held on 17th Dec. 2017 at Science College Kohima, should also be taken with seriousness by all concerned including the Govt. of India. The general desire of the Naga People is to bring about a Political Settlement once for all and allow our Naga youths to develop themselves of their choices as dignified Citizens. Even-though, I have came across some section of our people aspiring to conduct Assembly Election saying that they wanted to earn "something" in the election from the candidates and not to talk nor think about the "Clean Election".

As sitting member of the House, we are used to election and yet, the difference this time around is, there cannot be a better condition than the present one, where there is no opposition in the present Assembly, there is good wishes from the neighbouring States of Assam, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh, there is unity among the Naga Freedom Fighters and there is willingness for settlement on the part of the G.O.I under the dynamic leadership of Shri. Narendra Modi as the Hon'ble Prime Minister.

What better opportunity the Naga people can expect other than the present conducive atmosphere to bring about a Political Settlement which is so dear to all. Once, election is conducted, the division within the Nagas will effectively return and bitter feelings will be very loud and dirty. I see no big deal on the part of G.O.I to differ the Assembly Election temporarily basing on the Constitutional provisions which is very clearly provided in the Constitution of India. In view of the Political exigencies it is never a big deal at all, while deeply analyzing the geopolitical situation of the Nagas, including international Political imperatives.

Imkong L. Imchen

Minister, Health & Family Welfare


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