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Thursday, December 14, 2017

In commemoration 100 Birth anniversary of Madam Indira Gandhi

Monday, 20 November 2017 11:06
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On the occasion of the 100th birth anniversary Madam Indira Gandhi, I feel it is proper for the people of Nagaland to remember and recall her deeds for the people of Nagaland. Indira Gandhi rose to international fame as the Iron Lady of India. However, she was down to earth when dealing with people. "Garibi hatao, desh bachao" (remove poverty save the nation) was the slogan she moved in the 1971 election. This applies that her inner heart was for the poor and the weak.

She inherited the Nagaland political problem and had given her whole heart. She had six-rounds of talks with the NNC/FGN delegates and the split group of NNC/FGN was honourably placed.

She had the courage to declare State of Emergency under Art 352(1) on ground of Internal disturbances on 25th June 1975 and was withdrawn on 21st March 1977. I don't find anything wrong. It was provided in the constitution and the Constitution is required to be put into practice and she did it. We learned lessons for the better.

During this emergency period, Ceasefire was signed in the Shillong Accord in 1975. Over 700 NNC/FGN political prisoners were released from various jails and peace dawned on Nagaland. I think the design was done by bureaucrats and the Governor of Shillong, who happened to be the Governor of Nagaland too at that time.

It was Indira Gandhi who gave special status to Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee with the 10-Point Modalities:

1. The Nagaland Pradesh Congress (I) party shall be national in name but regional in content.

2. The NPCC(I) shall be supreme in all matters concerning the affairs of the State of Nagaland and it shall have its constitution.

3. The NPCC(I) to be represented in the AICC, Working Committee and in the party Headquarters in Delhi.

4. The basic political and socio-economic program of the party shall be to preserve the Naga identity and to develop Naga way of life.

5. It shall endeavour to solve the Naga Political Problem through peaceful and constitutional means.

6. To uphold art. 371A (I) (a) of the constitution to activise and preserve the Naga Traditions, culture, customary laws/usages, social and religious practices, land and its resources.

7. To implement unimplemented points of the 16 Point Agreement of 1960 between Government of India and the Naga Peoples' Convention.

8. To give adequate representation to the Nagas in the Indian Parliament.

9. To create a Legislative Council for Nagaland.

10. To recognize the regional language of Nagaland, i.e the English Language and to insert it in the Eight Schedule of the constitution.

Today, NPCC has full supremacy over party affairs of Nagaland. Art.371(A) was further strengthened by the 10-Point Modalities as INC has given its full respect. In front of Indian National Congress, Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee is supreme in the affairs of Nagaland. We are regional in content although we are national in outlook. We preserve and practice freedom of in organisation, religion and social practices.

We owe all what we have today to Pundit Jawahar Lal Nehru and descendants for what we are today.

K. Therie, President, NPCC.


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