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Monday, January 22, 2018

Message on the occasion of National Education Day (11th November)

Saturday, 11 November 2017 12:35
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 Greetings on the occasion of National Education Day (11 November )

Remembering and honouring the educationist of the country ,the Government of India declared 11th November as the National Education Day in memory of India's First Education Minister MAULANA ABDUL KALAM who served from 15th August 1947 until 2nd February 1958. 

Azad was a scholar, freedom fighter, promoter of basic education, education of rural poor, adult literacy, universalisal primary education, free and compulsory education for all, diversification of secondary education and vocational training.

National Education Day being observed to spread Education across local and national levels, universal enrolment of elementary education.

In US, Education Day was observed nationally as a celebration of hard work,  service and commitment to learning in honour of the LUBAVITCHER REBBE, RABBI MENACHAN MENDAL his efforts for education and sharing for Jews and non-Jews alike. The Day was innaugurated on 18th April 1978 by President Jimmy Carter and since been proclaimed, by the President, annually on the Jewish birthday of Meacham Mendel Schnerson. 

World Education Day  observed since 2013.

Nagaland alone with rest of the country will also observe the National Education Day on 11th November.

Nagaland along with the rest of the country will be observing National Education Day under the aegis of Nagaland Education Association (NEA) on November 11 at 11:00 AM at Modern College, Dziiviirii, Kohima.

Dr. Zavise Rume 


Nagaland Education Association

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