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Monday, January 22, 2018

A reality check on RD Block, Chunlikha

Saturday, 04 November 2017 12:00
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While appreciating the Kandi Public Union’s action in pressurizing the department of Rural Development to expedite the construction of BDO office building at Chunlikha and acknowledging the fact that the work order for construction of the said BDO Office building was issued to M/S JK& Sons Construction vide Order No. DRD/ENGG/661/2013-14 dt. Kma, 11/11/16 wherein clause 15 of the terms and conditions of the work order states that the work should be completed within 6 months failing which the work order shall be cancelled but even after a lapse of 13 months the work has not yet started, it is surprising to know that the department has released almost 50% of the work order amount during December 2016 even without commencement of the said work. It is questionable as to how the work order was issued when the controversy on selection of site is yet to be resolved and on what grounds an amount of Rupess 7 lakhs was released to the contractor without any sign of work being executed.

Chunlikha being the centre and headquarters of the Northern Rengmas consisting of 13 villages with a total population of 27,877 and 4654 households and considering its suitable location in all aspects, the proposal for creation of the RD Block was made at Chunlikha and accordingly the Cabinet had approved for creation of RD Block Chunlikha and not Tsonsa village as claimed by the Kandi Public Union as seen in the press report of Eastern Mirror dt. 01/11/17. It may be recalled that a meeting of the constituent villages was held on 24/02/12 in connection with selection of site for RD Block Chunlikha but a consensus could not be arrived at due to differences of opinion for which the Kithagha villages’ Councils requested the Government/Department to postpone the inaugural programme, in view of disagreement on site selection. However, some leaders with vested interests politicized the issue and the foundation stone was laid forcefully at the controversial site against the will of the host villages - the Kithagha group. Owing to these circumstances, the Kithagha and Tesophenyu groups which constitutes a population of 18,388 having 3076 households staged a protest rally during the inaugural day on 29/02/12 along NH-2 at Chunlikha Headquarter and boycotted the foundation-stone laying ceremony at Tsonsa Ketizhü to show displeasure and opposition against the divisive policy.

It is worth mentioning that a prime land measuring 3 acres located around 300 metres away from NH-2 at Chunlikha belonging to Shri. Khankhu Magh was made readily available to the RD Department through a deed of agreement (affidavit) for construction of permanent RD Block office building. Accordingly, GIS mapping was also done and based on the documents/records, the sanctioned post of Gr-IV against RD Block Office Chunlikha was awarded to the rightful land donor by the department.

The office of BDO Chunlikha continues to function smoothly and peacefully at the temporary office at VDB multi-purpose building, Chunlikha since its establishment. However, again with the general elections approaching, it is observed that some people with vested interests have brought back the issue alive for political mileage disturbing the peaceful existence of not only the RD block but also its functioning. While the RD Block Chunlikha consists of 13 villages of Northern Rengma with three groups/ stakeholders viz. Tesophenyu group (4 villages), Kithagha group (3 villages) and the Kandi group (6 villages), it is surprising why one group has suddenly started staking claim for construction of the said RD Block building at the controversial inaugural site. Whereas, the RD Block Chunlikha was approved by the government and is clearly viable at Chunlikha, the question of shifting it to Tsonsa village does not arise at all unless it is guided by ulterior motives. Further, both the proposed sites fall within the jurisdiction of Chunlikha; the best available land convenient to all the stakeholders being provided by the host village- the Kithagha group; it is questionable as to how the Kandi Public Union (KPU), in its own terms, is trying to dictate the site selection and pressing the government to construct the office at the controversial inaugural site again.

Responding to the Kandi Public Union’s press release dated 02/11/17, wherein the Kandi Public Union had allegedly made claims that a private construction of BDO office is being undertaken at GHS Chunlikha compound, the office of the Kithagha Public Organization is dumbstruck as to how and why a responsible organization like the Kandi Public Union has made such a speculative statement when the said ongoing construction is rather a developmental initiative being undertaken for the interest of Chunlikha range which can be utilised for accommodating any developmental institution in the near future. Further, whereas the Kandi Public Union has stated that the said construction is being undertaken at GHS Chunlikha compound, however, the said construction is clearly not located within the demarcated boundary of GHS Chunlikha, which may be clarified from the concerned department as well.

As such, organizing of bandhs/agitations and creating inconvenience to the public in general; creating confusion and disturbing the smooth functioning of the government at this juncture is felt to be unfortunate  and uncalled for. Rather, a constructive and progressive culture is encouraged for the peaceful coexistence and development of the society. May good sense and greater interest for common good prevail.

             Dr. Khanlo Magh     Zukeya Woch

                  President, General Secretary,

Kithagha Public Organization      Kithagha Public Organization

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