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Monday, January 22, 2018

TR Govt, a legitimate Govt.

Saturday, 28 October 2017 11:55
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Our constitution is the supreme law of the land and in every formation of government irrespective of Centre or the state government is done through the democratic procedure called floor test whenever there is crisis within the House. Constitutionally, floor test is the one of the highest political examination in our country in pertinence to the election of the Chief Minister or leader of the house. Thereby, the present NPF led DAN government headed by CM T.R.Zeliang is a legitimate and constitutional government formed by securing the highest mark in the history of the floor test examination in Nagaland so far. This is the truth and the tenets of democratic constitution of India.

However, the loser minority NPF Legislatures and their followers comically refused to accept the constitutional floor test defeat due to their ignorance about constitutional knowledge and its democratic process taking place in our country. With blind faith they organized fellowship with Hon'ble Governor of Nagaland Shri B.P. Acharya and his subordinate officials by invoking the Divine intervention at Raj Bhawan. Unfortunately, the blessing goes to the Hon'ble Governor's family and his subordinate officials because there is a belief that the divine intervention takes place only to the Righteous people.

Very unfortunately, after deep frustration and depression the NPF minority group has vendured out political terrorism in Nagaland by threatening and accusing Hon'ble Governor of Nagaland , Hon'ble Speaker Dr. Imtiwapang and Commissioner & Secretary Shri Benjamin Newmai and issuing warnings and intimidation to some of the NPF majority group leaders and their family members . Such terrorist activities are not permissible in a democratic country like India and a peaceful of our Nagaland.

However, good sense prevail to them that after learning that reconciliation is the last resort to subdue their pro-long frustration, the NPF Minority group is gracefully sitting in front of the New Secretariat, Kohima to show their presence and solidarity to the T.R.Zeliang NPF led DAN government for the past three days. The NPF youth wing fully acknowledge their presence and showing their respect and honor to the Chief Minister, ministers, parliamentary secretaries and party leaders. The yuth wing asked them to continue even in the coming days to show their courtesy and respect. This is the true spirit and the key sign of reconciliation for the NPF party. The youth wing appeal to the NPF minority group (Dr. SL group) to join the NPF majority House before the gate is closed. Better late than never.

Press & information cell

Central youth wing, NPF


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