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Monday, January 22, 2018

Our Pathetic Roads

Wednesday, 25 October 2017 12:57
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Many years have passed,much has been discussed and debated on the deplorable road conditions.So far have we travelled without achieving much and with more to suffer and worry about.Our roads are still bumpy and pathetic.It makes no indication of getting better,and to talk about it,one can only imagine the terribleness.For so many years,to provide good roads has been the sweet talks of the Government but never did we see good roads.For this reason,we will find out in many social media sites the anger,frustration,and depression of the public,especially youths.Being tired like anybody else,this thought keeps disturbing my mind as to how there cannot be good roads in Nagaland.

Allow me to share my perspectives on the menace of roads in Nagaland.To differentiate a good road and a bad road is as tuff as differentiating a true politician and an untrue politician in Nagaland.Talking about bad roads,the roads in Kohima should not be ignored,the so called capital of Nagaland.If you are a resident of Kohima or pass by,you will know and get to know it better.The roads in Kohima are simply unique that once we get inside the Vehicle and start moving,our body starts to shake and dance.It tortures us not only physically but mentally as well.But that's quite natural to say for normal being like us,the conditions of those sick people,pregnant women,heart patients and the like would be worst with no other alternatives.Again,it's not even safe to walk by the roadside (footpath) because of the dusts created by Vehicles,and more miserably Vehicles splash dirty water all over our clothes during rainy seasons,which is so much annoying.Thus,it becomes unsafe to travel both by foot and Vehicle.With this situation in Kohima,shall we build a Smart City or a Dystopian City?

While we complain of bad roads here,there are roads in some parts of Nagaland where only Shaktiman trucks can pass through and more so,there are no roads at all in some parts.Incredible Nagaland! Is'nt it? Our roads have helplessly become pathetic.It is not cookable nor burnable.It only finds its place in the dustbin at the end.Thus,it should be said that Nagaland is not only known for its rich culture and tradition but also known for its bad roads.Pardon me if that sounds disgraceful.Nagaland roads are not even half as compared to the roads in our nearest states despite receiving maximum of funds from Centre.This makes us unique from the rest.Good cars alone will not do,we need good roads.

Now,imagine the dangers resulting from those pathetic roads.Many accidents are also due to those roads yet we act like we don't care.Mushrooming of potholes can also cause danger to two wheelers and light Vehicles.There are also cases in villages and other rural areas where patients die on their way to hospital due to bad roads.Such cases are not rare even in towns.

While we are busy fighting for money and power,our roads are turning from bad to worst.It's been 53 years since its formal inauguration and soon going to be 54 years.How longer will it take for Nagaland to have good roads? If those many years is'nt enough,our dream of having good roads will only end up in dream itself and not in reality.Don't let the next generation curse us.God forbid.

Lately,talks were going on much on road connectivity and good roads which are good signs.But if truth be told from the depth of my heart,i'm quite doubtful if it was just because election is knocking at the door.I'm saying this because this usually happens in Nagaland at the eve of elections.Speaking one thing and doing the other is never a character of a good leader.Let it be not only talks but walks as well.Being a student,i'm disheartened to even drea of good roads when the Government cannot even provide our rightful scholarships at the right time with the rightful amount.And it is ironical when they talk about development.You greedy minds(politicians,bureaucrats,Contractors,etc.),become more realistic and don't just build castles in the air.The roads are in a pathetic state.Why was the situation allowed to deteriorate so much?

We talk of tourism potential in Nagaland but do we know that tourism will expand more when we have better roads? Not only does it expands tourism but it will subsequently open up ample of opportunities to economic growth.We all know that very well,if not we can even learn from our nearest states.

Hence,considering all the aforementioned,i want to appeal to all right thinking citizens of Nagaland to wake up from the deep slumber and start acting to rebuild our state,keeping in mind that we all have a share of responsibilties in the making of our state.If not now when? Albert Einstein has rightly said, 'The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil,but by those who watch them without doing anything.'

So too is our case.Shall we still keep quiet? To all the politicians and leaders,i'm writing today as a student and as a youth myself,if your concern is our future,prove it so and allow us to continue our journey smoothly without much to worry about.We are tired and we feel insecure seeing the happenings of today.So,if not other developments,at least good roads be provided first and foremost.

Divito Vese

St. Joseph's College, Jakhama

  How many more for the Dhansiri? (Lessons we never learn) Time for Nagaland to take the road less travelled