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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Let Christ Jesus develop Nagaland

Saturday, 07 October 2017 12:23
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Only Jesus Christ can develop our state. Apart from him, there is none. I assume, even this time, only those who seeks after fame and money may run and play with our state politics. After the statehood of Nagaland, various political parties have been taking turns and running our state, However, in my observation, those Ministers, MLA & Party leaders have developed only their own family members, relatives, loved ones and friends. And priority for the state development has been neglected; only least in namesake has been done for the state. Everyone sees and understands that.

To develop our state we must select only the true and faithful Christians, those who are filled with Holy Spirit to be our rulers. I hope our respected governor P.B Acharya is aware of it. For which, after his thorough survey to various Naga villages, in his statement in annoyance, he says that Nagaland claims to be a true Christian state, but only a handful are true Christians. That’s why there is immense corruption in the state. He really dislikes corruption. With our present corrupted politicians, developmental works can never be done. Have to drift away from them and select honest and faithful Christians and start afresh a new upright government is the only desire of many hearts. Only on whom the spirit of Christ indwells, they can handle the government money faithfully and work and develop the nation.

Whether Muslims, Hindus, or from any other religious, they know that a true Christian lives a righteous life.

Praise the Lord!

 Rev Vichakielie P. Khruomo

Chumukedima Town ward-5

  An open letter to the Chief Ministers of the Northeast States Roads and Bridges