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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

An open letter to the Chief Ministers of the Northeast States

Friday, 06 October 2017 12:58
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At the outset, I than and appreciate the Government of India for providing funds to develop the Northeast states, and for rigorously trying to bring our states at par with the other states of India under the able-leadership of the Northeast region political parties.

However, I as a concern citizen would like to state my grieving observation that, while implementing these centrally sponsored  development works in the region, the contractual works are most often bagged by the big national/multi-national companies pushing away the local/small companies. These big companies after earmarking their profit; allot sub-contracts (under their desired terms and conditions) to different small/local companies, left without any option they are obliged to accept  the terms imposed. These local entrepreneurs though with efficient calibre face these constraints because of the poor economic condition. They carry out the works with marginal profit, eventually compromising the quality of work done. This is a heart-wrenching fact and we are all victims here.

The funds provided by the Central Government are intended to develop and uplift the economy of the Northeast states. However, there can be no denial that the real profit is amassed by the big companies- not only depriving local companies/entrepreneurs of their rightful work opportunities, but even worse, this has created an unending  vicious cycle of compromised work quality, deteriorated economy, and stagnant under-development.

Therefore, I take this privilege to put forth my earnest concern and make an appeal to our Honorable Chief Minister of the Northeast states, to formulate better strategies and appraise the Central Government to be more cautious is allotting the work opportunities for carrying out development works in the Northeast region.

I am confident that your insightful deliberation and conscious decisions will help address this sad reality, and bring about a meaningful change to develop our northeast state in the true sense.

Tohevi Awomi

Akukau (G.B) Tohevi colony, Lotovi village

Dimapur, Nagaland  


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