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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Awakening Bells Centre (ABC) tour to KezoBasa Village, Kohima

Wednesday, 04 October 2017 13:29
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Every year, the Awaking Bells Centre (ABC) organizes educational tour for our children during the school holidays. This yearwe visited the countryside tolet our children learn and get firsthand experience of village life. We decided on KezoBasa, an Angami village, located about35Km south of Kohima. 

We started early for our destination on 29thSeptember, 2017. On our way to the village, we were mesmerized by the picturesque landscapes. We saw villages, mystically dotted on the mountains, and the unending mountainous ranges rollingas far as our eyes could see. The green terrace fields appeared to be ornaments decorated along the slopes of the beautiful mountains, and seamlessly blends the works of mortals with the works of God. 

We reached Kidszee School, KezoBasa Village at 9 AM, received by the School management authority. After having a quick breakfast, led by Rokono and her husband, we headed out for sightseeing and meeting with some villagers. We were generously welcomed and they gladly took us around the village and their paddy fields at Tora.While passing through the Kezo Town, to our pleasant surprised, we came across a local young man Rukewelhi, who has mastered the art of making Indian sweets, such as jalebi, samosa, ladooetc. We bought a lot of his sweets and enjoyedthroughout our journey. 

The most beautiful sights were, perhaps the paddy fields in the valley of Tora and the hanging bridge above the SeidzuRiver. Here, the ABC team really had a great time-plucking and eating fruits straight from the trees, at the same time, the children have also acquired some basic importance of cultivation of crops. The first time experience of walking over the hanging bridge has left a deep impact on the children.  

After hours of touring, we returned to the KidtzeeSchool and enjoyed a sumptuous lunch prepared by the school teachers. Post lunch we had a brief interaction with some mother's and village elders, before returning to Kohima, with generous contributions of local fruits, vegetables and some medicinal plants from the villagers. Our tour proved to be highly educational for our childrenbesides, being a fun filled adventurous trip.

Lastly, we recommend all schools in Nagaland located in urban areas like Kohima and Dimapurto take exposure trips to the ruralvillages. We assure you that it will be a life changing experience for some students.This exposure trips will not only decrease the gap between the rural and urban dichotomy, but, we believe it will open the eyes of many urban dwellers to appreciate the rural way of life and change the stereotype notions about villages. On the other hand, the villagers can tap the human resources and utilized it for the benefit of their community. We, at Awakening Bells Centre believe the experience willbe mutually beneficial for both the urban and rural dwellers. 

Neidonuo Angami, ABC

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