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Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Political Naga

Saturday, 16 September 2017 11:07
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Many writers define the term 'Naga' in many ways based on their available sources. But the term 'Naga' as we understand is based on the common characteristics of all Nagas. However, the term 'Naga nation' is to be viewed from the commonness of all these dimensions - biological, cultural, social, historical, geographical, religious and political. 

Like other nations the Nagas too have their own common identity to belong. When we say Naga - they are one; there is no white Naga or black Naga. The term Nagaland Nagas, Manipur Nagas, Assam Nagas, Arunachal Nagas, and Burma Nagas are divisive languages the colonial power used for controlling the Nagas under the 'policy of divide and rule.' 

But being mere biological Nagas is meaningless if they are not wedded to a common political will. All Nagas belong to a common DNA, a common history, a common culture, a common root of languages, a common territory and a common social belief, but they are never a formidable force to create states if they are not political. Therefore, it requires of them a common political will to create a state of their own. Politics is the prime factor. It is political idea/concept that moves and transforms the old world into a new one. It is it that inspires and guides the Nagas in their movement. It is it that makes them strong militarily and politically. 

Be it biological Nagas or cultural Nagas or territorial Nagas or ethnic Nagas, all can be gradually assimilated into the ocean of cultural imperialism of a stronger power if we are not rooted in the solid ground of our politics. Our nation calls for political Naga generations. Political Nagas are those who advocate for cause of the people and fight for it. Political people are revolutionary. Liberation of a people and creation of a nation-state without revolutionary generations is a futile exercise. Formation of an organization without revolutionary leaders and workers and participation in a people's movement without revolutionary spirit are all houses of cards. In order to transform the Nagas into a revolutionary people it demands of us a revolutionary organization composed of revolutionary generations who are also called 'Nazirites' in Biblical term. The Naga people today call for Nazirites. 

On the contrary, we are witnessing mushroom growth of organizations in our land formed by groups of individuals in the stolen name of the people and nation. But people don't subscribe to the formation of unmandated organizations. People say they have seen for themselves who they are. They know if they are principle-based or not; they know whether they have fought the enemies or not in the time of confrontation; People have also noticed bankruptcy of revolutionary spirit in them; Can they deliver the goods to the people? Do they know who are their brothers, who are their people and who are their enemies? National movement for independence is a serious business of the people generally led by a mandated organization manned by revolutionary generations and leaders, without which is a wishful thinking. 

It is not a claim, but a fact that NSCN is the only authentic political organization of the N aga people today. As mandated it has been faithful to the cause through thick and thin. Clinging to the principle it stood the ground in fighting the enemies when many have deserted and joined forces with the enemies' camp betraying the people and the cause. Thousands of NSCN members have been martyred for the cause and thousands more are ready for any eventuality. Many workers big and small have suffered horrible life in prison for the cause and many more are still languishing in jails for it. As mandated NSCN leaders spoke in the international political arena for the cause. In the negotiation front too it negotiates with the Government of India without betraying the principle. 

We are sure our people know NSCN has not failed politically at any point of time. 

Truth and justice are the foundations of all governments. We all know commotion and crisis in the land arise when one of these principles is missing in the administration of the governments. NSCN is deadly opposed to corruption and any form of immorality practiced by the leaders and the led. Nonetheless, collection of taxes should never be interpreted in terms of crime. All governments on earth are run by taxes from the people. People are the bank of their governments. No commercial commodity even a needle is free from taxation system. Tax is the bloodline of governments. However, NSCN views extortion and evasion of taxes as crimes against the people and state to be com batted. 

We trust in God, the Creator of heaven and earth. Relation between the Naga people and God is a principle matter. Nagas are not independent of God because Creator and created are inseparably interrelated. The Name of the Lord is in the movement of the Nagas that His presence has been with us in the fighting front, in the diplomatic front and in the negotiating front. Yes, we organize fasting prayer meetings every now and then and we will continue to do so because there lies our invincible hidden strength. Prayer is one of the fronts where we fight against the enemies and it is also our survival strategy. We are sorry for those who view our fasting prayers from their farcical perspective. 

There are three stages through which a people grow into a developed nation. The time of confrontation, the time of negotiation and the time of building and it is true with the Nagas too: 

In the time of confrontation, we fight and talk of fighting and violations of human rights committed against the Nagas by the Indian armed forces. But the time of confrontation has now gone giving room to negotiation. Through the grace of the Lord we have come to the stage of negotiation passing through all hurdles. In this time of negotiation every one of us is now talking of cease-fire and peace process going on between the government of India and the Nagas represented by NSCN. And the historic 'Framework Agreement' is the talk of the people everywhere in the land. Nevertheless, we cannot keep fighting for decades and centuries; we cannot keep talking for years and decades. Solution must be worked out and that the Framework Agreement has been officially signed. The architects of this agreement foresee that this agreement will strengthen India in many ways and open a new era for the Nagas that betrayal to it by one of them will be an irreparable loss for both. We believe our people understand this reality. 

Finally, we are now landing to the stage of building: it is the time to talk about how to build our devastated villages, homes and towns and development system; it is time to talk about how to rebuild our shattered infrastructure of social system, disoriented education system and it is the time to talk about how to rebuild the damaged psychology of our people, the damaged relationship between our people and our neighbors and our people and the Indians by this protracted war. Our relationship with India is paramount in many fields. 

We fight when fighting is a must; we fight not because we love war but because we love the cause. We talk when negotiation on issue is imperative. NSCN fights when principle of the Naga nation is threatened because it is principle-based. NSCN fights when the Naga national issue is challenged because it is issue-based. NSCN fights when future of the Nagas is in danger of murder because it is future-oriented. It does not believe in the politics of mudslinging and gossiping; it is so because it is not in the blood of revolutionary. We don't think NSCN has failed the people. NSCN is the home of revolutionary political Nagas; it is the guiding star and the bulwark of the Naga people. NSCN will stay with the Naga people so long as it is revolutionary. 


Issued by Steering Committee, NSCN (IM)


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