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Monday, January 22, 2018

We Shall Overcome

Thursday, 07 September 2017 12:01
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To keep the Indo-Naga peace talks going has been an extremely difficult management: to steer and respond with comprehensiveness under rapid changes of gravity which are not always in favor of non negotiable Naga issues. The forward move has progressed and will be so till the finish. GoI has honestly declared that it understands the “situations of the Naga people”. The ‘unique standing’ of the political case between the Naga people and the Government of India must be truthfully addressed; it was and is never an arm-chair assessment or dictates that can sustain the two separate entities to a negotiating table to build up sincere conversations towards finding an end to this most protracted issue of disagreement. Having crossed major obstacles, critically running barriers, successive Indian leadership on its own commitment, has never left any stone unturned to explore means to actively address ‘the reality’: the Nagas’ natural rights to self determine their political Institution based on their origin, identity, history, their tradition, religion and their intrinsic attachment to Mother Nature they so dearly hold as their eternal, unalienable Mother Land. Judged by the level of dedication in pursuit of honorable settlement, there is no reason for the Naga people to be doubtful. Any possible hurdle that has the potential to bring about unrest will be well balanced, and all trending events to ensure shared accountability, including regional security concerns diligently balanced, the Framework Agreement in place now will conclusively guarantee enduring solution. This Landmark achievement gives the Nagas the reason to be confident and not unconvinced, to be swayed by highly surcharged emotions and misgivings from different quarters today. Any attempt to upset the balancing between the two entities will never achieve result.

The two parties while addressing political competencies and the dynamism, sincerely appreciate what difficulties the talks had to associate with while keeping pace with changing circumstances in matters of responsibilities the Nagas and Government of India are inseparably involved with and shared, the peace process has been coherent despite hiccups and extremely testing days time and again. The anticipation, apprehension or calculation for civil war is seriously viewed by the Naga populace and the GoI as well. The Nagas, while poised on ground of being free People, have been consistent in their combined search for justice and peace and, at the same time, severely disturbed by forces within from day one the Peace Process first kick-started, need be watchful over any attempt to spoil what has dearly been achieved and any threat therefore, must be registered and seriously viewed. Both the Leaders engaged in the outstandingly stretched dialogue always do careful scrutiny over obstacles of sectarian interests and look forward to delivering what is most essential to make the conclusion honorable and complete. Human shortfalls, incompleteness and nature of being vulnerable will be part of natural process everywhere there is conflict interest; but constantly fanning highly communal flame need to be significantly viewed; because any effort to jeopardize peace initiatives always besets the inevitable consequences, linking terrible inflictions on innocent population. That is the collective concern of every sensible Naga citizen as well; it is of utmost obligation to respond with every natural human reflex being more rational, moral and intelligent to such danger. It is of significance and conscious to Naga psychology since fear had dominated them for so long. What the Nagas need the most today and for the rest of their life is a people-based Political Government. The two parties are ambitious and driven to bring home an honorable solution since the course is on its final phase.

The journey of the Naga people towards their rightful place has never been free from sabotage, betrayal and violence. Under extreme situations, the Nagas have been constantly pushed into enclosed and away from the notice of the outside world where they had to take all the severest of punishments alone without deserving though. The Nagas had gone down to the crucible and had come out by the strength of the Provident Hand over them. No amount of military actions, no assailment of treason had the Nagas ever been deterred. We have stood our position because we look beyond the joy and luxury of compromise and sell out. We have dared and faced furies of both unforgiving environ and treacherous men in our front and behind. We have cried tears and willingly borne the pain of separation from loved ones. We have covered a great distance to reach where we are today. We are no longer hidden. The whole world looks at us now, to see that the current peace initiatives supported by all over are through to the most anticipated conclusion, that is, the final announcement that the Nagas are no longer fettered with a monumental Road Map in place between the Government of India and the Naga people. We have crossed high seas and mountains to announce the multitude wherever we go that the Nagas had committed no crime to deserve eternal discrimination and suppression. Today Nagas are connected. They are no longer isolated or forsaken.

We do intensely believe in ‘the Naga people’. Clinging to the principle, we fought the enemies and their coalition forces for decades. We stayed the course when many wavered and ran away from the battle field to join forces with the enemies. We have never failed to the call of duty at any period of time. The NSCN have carried the Nagas through thick and thin. We have never failed to establish our bottom-line upon the strength of being Nagas. We have zealously guarded what is dearest and always the first for the Nagas. It is this criticality that has prolonged the course of negotiations. As the break of a new day is unstoppable, the dawn of the process to resolve has arrived too.

Issued by MIP, GPRN

  53rd Anniversary of Indo-Naga Ceasefire Day Message The paradox of 6th September: Violence is preventable, Peace is achievable