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Monday, January 22, 2018

Nagaland State; The Face Of All Nagas

Wednesday, 06 September 2017 11:49
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The rest of Indian people may not know that Nagas are geographically divided into Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Nagaland State. In all these areas, Nagas are a minority except in Nagaland state where it is 100% Nagas. The 16th Point agreement between the Govt of India and the Nagas created the Nagaland State. When the state of Nagaland was created, there was 20% job reservation for the Nagas living outside the state of Nagaland. This indicates that Nagaland State was the mother of all Nagas and maybe to look after the welfare of all the Nagas till the Naga Political solution was resolved. 

Having the above as a premise, I feel very uncomfortable for the development of a new concept called "Nagaland Nagas". Yes, everyone knows that Nagas are there in Manipur, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and they are called as Manipur Nagas, Arunachal Nagas, and Assam Nagas and obviously Nagaland Nagas will be called as Nagaland Nagas. But those days, Nagaland Nagas do not say I am a Nagaland Naga to indicate that they are a separate Naga. They introduce themselves as NAGALAND. And in the heart of heart we the Nagas from outside Nagaland state are very proud of Nagaland State because this state represents the Nagas and speaks to India and the rest of the world that there is a race called NAGA in India. Otherwise Nagas may be a lost people or a wondering race. The rest of the Nagas living in Manipur, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh cannot speak for Nagas because they are a minority in those states. Their voices are crushed by the majority. Some political leaders in Manipur say that there are no Nagas in Manipur.  And the Manipur Nagas cannot fight against such statement other than agitations and bandhs expressing their anger and frustration. Recently there was a newspaper report that Arunachal Nagas hardly gets Rs. 20 cr per year for their developmental purposes. And as per information, Arunachal Nagas are one of the poorest people in Arunachal Pradesh. I presume Assam Nagas will still be worse. Hence the anger, frustration, the emotions of these Nagas being divided into these states as minority people are all angry with the government of India for their divide and rule policy. They have the potential to vent out their frustration but they are suppressed till date thinking that one day the Naga political solution will unite all under one State or Nation and then only they will enjoy the fullness of a Naga. The Nagas of Nagaland state may not enjoy the fullness of a Naga but they are very fortunate to enjoy the statehood with 100% Nagas and Nagas alone. Other Nagas look up to Nagaland Nagas because they are the face of all the Nagas.

So my contention is when other Nagas are suffering in these states, why there is a development of a new thinking called "Nagaland Nagas". Will there be any benefit for Nagaland Nagas by this thinking? If there will be any benefit then maybe the opportunity must be seized. But I do not see that rather I see there will be deeper divide among the Nagas for no benefit or reward whatsoever to anybody.  In all my more than 35 years of living in Nagaland State I have never seen the elders from Nagaland State speaking in the tone of Nagaland Nagas. They were very magnanimous, accommodative and seem to understand the sufferings of the people because of the political nature of the Nagas. I think the other Nagas also did not take undue advantage of these elders by way of employment in state government jobs, contracts etc. So far, they did not even question as to why that 20% job reservation was cancelled in 1972. Hence I look up to the Nagaland Nagas to be bold, farsighted and represent the whole Nagas till the Naga Political solution is logically concluded.

Dili Solomon, River Belt Colony, Dimapur (On E-Mail)


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