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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Naga Independence Sans Patriotism

Monday, 14 August 2017 12:11
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Naga ancestors were free people living in their own God-given land.  The British invaded that freedom and ruled in part of Naga territories until 1947. The British Empire in Indian subcontinent was ending. The Nagas rejected the idea of joining the Union of India.  That was because, even before modern concept of India came into the scene in British colonial rule, no Aryan, Dravidian or Mughal King conquered Naga territories to rule Nagas. Nagas asserted on separate sovereignty and charted their own future. Nagas thwarted India’s grand plan to include the British administered Naga territories into her union. The Naga National Council (NNC), the only authentic political institution representing all Nagas across Naga territories declared Naga independence on August 14, 1947. That was one day before India declared her independence. The Indian leaders were angry and tried to crush the Nagas by military aggression. India continues to deny Nagas to live their independence as asserted. Nevertheless, Nagas keep that aspiration alive by commemorating independence declaration day on August 14, 1947 every year.

The founders of modern sovereign Nagaland greatly loved their God-given land. They loved each other with all their hearts. The love for each other and their land translated into great sense of patriotism. That was why they refused the aliens to take away their land or allow Nagas to become subject of other nation. They fought the Indian armed forces with much patriotic zeal. They defended the sovereignty of Nagaland with all their might. They dreamed better future for new generation Nagas. They worked very hard to realize that dream. In the process, many patriots sacrificed their lives. They built Nagaland on the pedestal of patriotism. The foundation of nationalism they laid remains ever strong. Sadly, the superstructure that some Nagas built with the co-operation of our enemy has not withstood the adverse weather conditions. The builders have systematically destroyed Nagaland (land and people). While people lost all sense of patriotism and turned into mammon, the God-given land turned into cursed land.

Today, selfishness, individualism, tribalism and all other destructive forces have over-shadowed patriotism. There are national workers but no patriots. Many national workers swear on sovereignty by their lips only. Their hearts are on something else. Many talk of national principle but sell away their own principle. They brand each other as traitors and not as compatriots. Regionalism has given rise to narrow concept of nationalism. We fight among ourselves on regional and tribal lines. There is no such thing as Nagas of Nagaland, Nagas of Manipur, Nagas of Arunachal, Nagas of Assam or Nagas of Myanmar.

Nagaland is one, and only one; nothing more and nothing less. It is shameful when Nagas quarrel on trivial issue. National patriotism is no longer visible. The love for self, own family and own tribe has usurped national patriotism.

For a people aspiring for sovereign independence, nothing is greater and more important than love for one another and their God-given land. The greatness of a nation lies in the depth of its citizens’ patriotism. No nation has become great without the ingredient of patriotism. Selflessness and deep sense of co-ownership are manifestations of patriotism. Unless Nagas rebuild great sense of patriotism, Nagaland will never see peace and prosperity. Look at the state of Nagaland State today. It is a sad sight of wasteland. The people who betrayed NNC and promised to develop Nagaland into modern State have built their own Empires. Betrayers will be always betrayers. Nagaland will never prosper in the hands of selfish leaders. Sovereignty without patriotism will be disastrous. Some people will sell off Nagaland. Nagas have already spent so much resource on reconciliation and unity of the warring factions. Now, Nagas must focus on rebuilding patriotism because it is the only cementing factor for national unity. It is the only road to progress and prosperity. The secure future of Nagaland lay in national patriotism and not in independence rhetoric. Without patriotism, Independence Day celebrations become meaningless. Without a unified Independence Day celebration, it is shameful.

Dr. K. Hoshi

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