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Sunday, February 18, 2018

AAP Nagaland says BJP must stop giving wrong Promises of Development

Saturday, 12 August 2017 11:42
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AAP Nagaland responses to Ananta Narayan Mishra, BJP Organizing secretary I/c Nagaland, who declared Nagaland as the poorest state among the 30 states in the country, in Nagaland Post, on 7th August, 2017. He stated that lack of development and misuse of central funds are the primary causes. In addition, it is mentioned that Nagaland did not get the benefits of over 150 flagship schemes and programmes launched by the BJP government. He blamed the former political party for all the failures in the state. He promised that "Nagaland would get all the privileges if BJP is elected to power". BJP maintains secular country and was never against any citizen who practices own religion, culture and traditional fundamental ethos. 

AAP Nagaland strongly opposes the political ideology of Ananta Narayan Mishra, who aims to promote BJP ideology of Hinduism in Nagaland in the pretext of promising development if BJP is elected. It strongly condemns and rejects Ananta Narayan Mishra's declaring Nagaland as the poorest state among the other 30 states in the country. When he blamed the former political parties for misusing the funds from the center, Ananta should acknowledge that BJP candidates in Nagaland are part of this corrupted government. When there are numerous farmers in India who suffer poverty under BJP government, and have failed to bring development in those underdeveloped states, Ananta should avoid making any wrong promise to the Nagas. 

AAP Nagaland questions Ananta, that, if BJP maintains secular nation and had never against any other religious practices, why RSS groups tortured and lynched many Muslims in the expense of banning beef? Why RSS shaved the hair of a Christian pastor and forced to recite RSS slogan? Why Christians were not allowed to organize Sunrise service, a religious activity? Why VHP patron Ashok Singhal publicly stated that India will become Hindu country by 2020 and the world in 2030? Why BJP government promotes Adhaar card and ambulance for cow when a father carried the dead body of his child on his shoulder for a long distance? Where are the developments of the BJP government in these areas? How Ananta Narayan Mishra justifies   his promise for development to the Nagas when BJP promotes religious discriminations, caste manipulation, and marginalized development among non-BJPs and so on? 

AAP Nagaland does not believe in any political party like BJP and its leaders who run the party with hidden agendas to penetrate Hindu religion in the expense of promising development. AAP Nagaland is not against any political leaders and any political parties; every political leader and political party is appreciated and supported as long as it brings justice to rights to equality of every citizen of every religion and culture. However, it is against any political leaders and parties with dangerous religious ideology that legitimize political statement in any corners in the country, with promise to bring development. AAP Nagaland, therefore, calls the Nagas to remain alert and careful of any political party that aims to penetrate religious ideology upon the people in expense of development and funds. 

Media Cell, AAP Nagaland


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