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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Independent Candidate thanks people for support

Thursday, 03 August 2017 11:44
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In a very short period of time since the announcement of by-election to the 10 Northern Angami-I (ST) Assembly Constituency, leading to the poll date, Kohima has shown that good women and men do exist in society. This renews the faith that there is great hope for our tomorrow. I thank the people of the constituency for their tremendous support and sacrifice. 

Whether we win or lose this by-election, the message for the call for change is already loud and clear. There is an urgent need to empower people. There is an intense desire to change our attitude. There is a common perspective that the future cannot be built alone. The real campaign has just begun. There is no turning back. The appointed time has come to show what people's power can do.

In maintaining political neutrality, I thank the wisdom of Kohima Village Council elders. I also thank the Kohima Village Youth Organization for delegating volunteers to ensure a peaceful election. Also, Bayavü Area Panchayat deserves special commendation for boldly hosting a common platform for the candidates. It is satisfying to see the local community empowered and deciding what is best. In this direction, which is also very much a part of our campaign, it is imperative to strengthen both community leadership and area welfare boards, which will collectively redefine a new urban space.

Similarly, it is a proud moment to have collaborated with the call for Clean Election, initiated by the Churches, Civil Societies and Non-Governmental Organizations, as well as the Election Commission of India. I have campaigned not to purchase a single vote or arrange any proxy voters. I congratulate the maturity of voters who have withstood the evils of money-power. For us, Clean Election is a huge success. We are here not merely to contest elections but also engage the public in the campaign for democratic and electoral reforms. Also, our Independent candidature has not indulged in any public propaganda or personal attacks, which is simply outdated politics. Hate has no place if we wish to share a common and global future.

Lastly, I call upon everyone to join hands with the ruling government and work steadfastly for the welfare of our people. Elections should not affect social or personal relations. I also wish the best of luck to my opposition candidate. 

 Kekhrie Yhome

Independent Candidate

2017 By-Election

10 Northern Angami-I (ST) Assembly Constituency


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