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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Framework Agreement had restored the lost Sovereignty

Saturday, 03 June 2017 12:00
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 The God given sovereign rights of the Nagas have been restored with the signing of the historic 3 August Framework Agreement, 2015 between the Nagas and the Govt. of India. The Govt. of India had recognized the sovereign rights of the Nagas and had agreed to co-exist with shared sovereignty. 

       The Nagas aspirations for sovereignty was considered doomed with the signing of the treacherous Shillong Accord and the 16 Point agreement in November, 1975 and in July 1960 respectively, whereby, the signatories embraced the Indian Constitution at their own volitions. It was a serious political ploy of India to keep the Nagas under bondage and oppressions. The acts of betrayals had deprived the Nagas of their unchallengeable sovereign birth rights to exist as a free Nation and as free people. However, through the selfless sacrifices of the Nagas under the God anointed dynamic and visionary Collective Leaderships of former Yaruiwo, Isak Chishi Swu and Ato Kilonser, Th. Muivah, the GOI and Nagas had finally agreed to co-exist with shared sovereignty. The GOI had also recognized and had accepted the Nagas as a different entity having equal status, meaning, India is not above the Nagas nor Nagas are above India and to live as two different friendly Nations with absolute ownerships rights over their own lands and its resources both beneath and above the earth's surface.  

        The framework agreement is political in nature which is the preamble of the detailed final political agreement expected to be completed and signed very soon by the two different entities. It is without any unilateral powers unlike the Shillong accord and the 16 point agreement which were totally under the provisions of the Indian laws and Indian Constitution. 

         After more than 50 years of arms resistance and struggles, the Nagas accepted the invitation of the Govt. of India for political negotiation after India admitted that, solution is not possible through the barrels of the Guns except by peaceful negotiations across the table as the Nagas issue is political in nature. After series of political negotiations stretching about 20 years, under successive six Prime Ministers of India, both India and the Nagas have come closer to understand each other's problems and had reached a milestone in the signing of the historic framework agreement. Govt. of India has finally recognized and had accepted that, Nagas are not Indians but a different entity with equal status, having separate and distinct identity, with unique history and Cultures. 

        The yearning to restore our rights to live as a sovereign Nation free from India's atrocious Army rule and its oppressions is in the blood of the Nagas. Every Naga is a freedom fighter by blood and had contributed in one way or the other towards Naga struggles for freedom. All the different political organizations have also equivocally advocated and had stood for Nagas sovereignty without exclusions or any disparity within the Nagas. In the course of our selfless struggles for our rights, many thousands and lakhs of Nagas have sacrificed their lives for the Nation. Finally, after decades of prolong selfless struggles, Sovereignty has dawned upon the Nagas.  

        The credits of this historic achievement goes to the different Naga mass based organizations, Civil Societies, Tribal Organizations, Churches and the scores of individuals who had relentlessly and fearlessly worked for the last many decades for Nagas common cause. Their immense contributions in the midst of Indian Army atrocities have made it possible to reach to this day while we anxiously awaits the inking of the final settlement with India. They have made supreme sacrifices of their lives and families and through thick and thin they had steered the Nagas political issue up to this highest level of political negotiations. At this juncture, when the Nagas are economically so poor and unsustainable, it will be wise to partner with India for larger economic growths, infrastructural and all round developments of Nagalim. To provide the road map towards a developed bright future along with India will create larger opportunities especially for the younger Naga generations. The acceptance to have shared sovereignty will surely take the Nagas much further forward along with the advancement pace of great India which is rapidly becoming one of the economic superpowers of the World. 

        When the Nagas have achieved the recognition of our sovereign rights from India, after more than 70 years of political turmoil and bloody war fares, some forces have emerged with their treacherous game plans to sabotage and undo what have been collectively achieved by the Nagas. The advocacy and heinous agendas of those organizations and individuals are similar to the builders of the Babel Tower. They have now started uttering in different tongues by leaving aside the Nagas common aspirations and slogans for Sovereignty. God is unfailing to the Nagas and He has led us up to this historic moment of political negotiations. It is saddening that, at this juncture some Pharaohs led organizations are working overnights to lure back the Israelites back to Egypt even after reaching the shores of Canaan. The Nagas and the future generations should not be doomed by their schemes of vested interests which are totally against the Nagas national interests.  

          The Nagas are of one Nation and it is clearly understandable that, GOI cannot have numerous solutions in piece meals for the Nagas except one Solution which is honourable and acceptable to the Nagas. The Nagas need to appreciate the Govt. of India in recognizing our sovereign rights. Therefore, it will be suicidal to make attempts to highjack the Indo-Naga political talks at this final stage by those people who still worship the treacherous and deceitful Accords and Agreements of the past decades. This is totally against the Nagas national interests as well as against the initiatives of the Govt. of India which is committed to usher in permanent peace and developments in the Northeast and Nagalim in particular. 

          The NSCN/GPRN had kept its door wide open all along as the ongoing political negotiations progresses to find a final settlement and appeal to the people not to be misled by the builders of Babel Tower and the Pharaohs of Egypt but to continue with your unflinching supports towards the political negotiations to reach the Final Solution in the common interests of the Nagas and Naga Nation. 

Issue by: MIP   


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