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Vegetable prices soar in Dimapur


Dimapur, November 22: People in Nagaland are facing the burden of sudden spurt in the prices of essential commodities at present. Ranging from potato, onions and green vegetables, prices of all other eatables in the state have increased considerably in the past few days and traders are unable to cite any valid reasons for the price rise.
Talking to Nagaland Page, many onion and potato wholesale traders in New Market, Dimapur said that the price of onion in whole sale market ranges from rupees Rs 80 to Rs 85 and in retail in the New Market itself it is sold at Rs. 90 to 95. Vegetables items which were earlier sold at Rs. 10 to 15 rupees are now sold at Rs. 60 to Rs 80.
Many of the wholesale traders stated that they are not increasing the price rather they are purchasing it at a higher rate when they order for it. There is a scarcity of onion in India at present due to which the price plummeted from Rs. 30 in the month of August to Rs. 60 by September -October and presently it is Rs. 90 even in the whole sale market.
Another reason cited by few onion whole sale traders is that due to flooding in Maharashtra which is the largest onion producing state in India, bulk of onion was destroyed during the flooding and there seems to be scarcity of onion in India.
Potatoes which was earlier sold at Rs. 10 to Rs. 15 is being sold at Rs. 22 to 25 rupees in the whole sale market and in retail it is being sold at Rs. 25 to Rs. 30 per kg, price of tomato has abruptly risen from Rs. 20 to Rs. 80 to Rs. 90 in the retail market in Dimapur and it is expected that when price of any commodities rises in Dimapur than it has a multiple reasons to be at a higher edge in other districts of the state and it is alarmingly the highest in remotest district of the state.
People in general in Dimapur are left with no option but to purchase eatable items despite having tough fights with the vegetable vendors and the latter seems to bear the brunt of customers’ hot headed words.
A commotion is heard here and there in the New Market, there seems to be no bargaining rather the prices as quoted by the retailers finally prevails and people having no other options have to purchase it despite huge uproar upon the vendors.
The Dimapur District Deputy Commissioner had issued a notification to the Dimapur Municipal Council to regulate the price of all the essential commodities couple of days back, whether the DMC will be able to regulate the price of all essential commodities in New Market seems to be a challenging task given the huge difference in price of all the commodities.
A youth leader who did not wish to be named stated that the Public Action Committee (PAC) of Naga Council Dimapur (NCD) initiated the no taxation campaign at all check gates where vehicles ferrying essential commodities in the state had to pay huge amount of money as taxes to underground and over ground outfits did not fare well.
He said, “We expected price of all essential items in the state will lower down rather price of every item increased hundred folds despite the ban on tax collection and what can be the reason behind, we as part of the society would like to know but none has the appropriate answers”. (Page News Service)