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Unless NPGs unite, there can be no true peace: Naga Hoho


Dimapur, November 17: The Naga Hoho has appealed to all the Naga Political Groups to be accommodative for a peaceful settlement.
In a statement, the NH appealed to all national workers to come together and sit across the table in true spirit of forgive and forget and march forward with renewed mind and spirit. It appealed that no political groups should create unwanted situation in the process of an honourable settlement but rather ensure peaceful atmosphere for a smooth transition.
This was resolved in a NH executive council meeting held on November 13 at Kohima.
“The search for Just Peace and honourable settlement of the Indo-Naga peace process has come about giving a ray of hope and belief that a new era of peace and tranquility will prevail once again in the Naga society,” it said.
However, Naga Hoho said it is of the firm belief that unless all Naga Political Groups comes together leaving aside their past differences, there can never be true peace in the land.
“As long as the spirit of vengeance is kept alive in an individual’s heart, there can never be true peace. Hence, all the Naga political groups must be pragmatic in resolving the differences for the sake of the Naga people,” it said.
Stating that the desire of the Naga people to live in dignity must be honoured and respected above all personal interest, the NH said considering the genuine cry of the people for unity and peace, the political groups must come together and usher in peace.
(Page News Service)