TYOD lauds PAC; condemns threat

Dimapur, November 17: The Tenyimi Youth Organization Dimapur (TYOD) has lauded the Public Action Committee (PAC) for curbing the menace of collecting illegal money in the form of taxes by various NPGs as well as the State Government departments and its agencies.
” The public of Dimapur in particular as well as the entire district procuring or transporting essential commodities from the district have witnessed the changes in prices after the PAC have started its movement. The achievement within this short period is worth to honour by one and all,” it said in a release.
The TYOD, however, expressed disappointment at the threat and intimidation by NNPGs to leaders of PAC and their family members, and condemned the same.
TYOD said the PAC made a clarion call reiterating its 31st Oct.2013 “One Government one Tax” which was adopted in presence of all Naga tribal bodies, non Naga communities and all mass based organization of under Dimapur District. Ot said the multiple taxation and syndicate system by the NPGs as well as State Government levying taxes over all commodities have become a heavy burdened for the general public.
“However, neither of them has put an ear nor have a soft corner for the public grievances. Instead it is very unfortunate on the part of the NNPGs for entering into PAC co-convener residence as well as threatening the leaders and their family. Threatening, intimidation or any course of action that is detrimental to affect the welfare of the general public cannot be accepted in any manner by the Tenyimi Youth,” it said and requested each and every parties/groups to desist from such act that may displease the peaceful atmosphere for living.
Appreciating the lease systems of Dimapur Municipal Council which have been stopped since the movement of PAC, the TYOD urged the concerned authority not to ever entertain any such cases put forth for lease system in the near future. “Tenyimi youth shall never allow such lease system by the DMC in all its toll booth as well as in all town area where DMC tax is applicable and further warn that it shall resort to any action as per the law if such lease was introduced,” it said.
The TYOD also requested the State Government to introduce a neutral force such as army, Assam Rifle or CRPF etc in the entire check gate in Dimapur district to assist the State force so as to maintain neutrality as well as to control the illegal collection of money by various agencies. It reasoned that unless a neutral force is introduced, the fate of the general public relying only to the old system of State force is uncertain due to the presence of various elements.
The TYOD further said it will stand with the PAC under any circumstance as long as the movement is in the right direction for the welfare of the people in general. (Page News Service)