Tsokum festival celebrated at Noklak

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Dimapur, October 7: Tsokum festival of the Khiamniungans was celebrated at Noklak town on October 5 at KTC treasurer’s residence with DC Noklak, Hiazu Meru as special guest.
Speaking on the occasion, Hiazu Meru said that the Naga history is based on oral tradition and through festival we learn our culture, tradition, custom, dress and food habits which are the identity. Through festival, people unite and bring unity among the people.

Meru stated that during ancient times, the economy was self-sufficient and every village lived as a village republic. He said that the source of livelihood of our ancestors were agriculture and farming played an important roles in their lives and in order to have a bountiful harvest and blessings, they organized festival to give thanks and seek blessings.
The DC challenged the gathering to practice good qualities of their ancestors and to pass it down to the next generation.
Head GB of Noklak town, Heme stated that Tsokum is a festival of dedication to commence the harvest in the jhum field which is a week-long celebration that lasts for eight days by performing different forms of rites and rituals. During tsokum festival, each and every family used to offer prayer and make sacrifices by killing domesticated animals to the god (kou-o) for fertility of crops, bountiful harvest, to bless their livestock and grant health to human beings as well and the essence of festival is for unity, peace and harmony for the people of Khiamniungan, he said.
Heme added that Tsokum festival marks the beginning of harvest before which no one is allowed to reap and take the newly harvested rice/grains as it is believed that unfavorable events and famines befalls upon the family. He also said that during the festival, people enjoy with sharing of food, meat, rice beer to relatives, friends and guest or even to the stranger who happen to come during the festive occasion and the host of the community feast i.e, the memei pou (rich men) inviting rich and poor alike which signifies love, concern and unity.
Meanwhile Advisor for Printing, Prisons and Stationaries, H. Haiying hosted Tsokum festival celebration at his resident in Noklak on October 5.
BJP President, Noklak district, M. Pushing thanked the Government for encouraging the celebration of local festivals of every tribes in Nagaland. He said Tsokum festival is observed for good harvesting of agriculture crops during the forefathers’ days but now, it is celebrated for any individual’s success in life. He said that our forefathers were self-sufficient but now we have become dependent on others. Citing the example of the Covid-19 pandemic, he urged on the need to be self-sufficient.

Significance of Tsokum festival was delivered by Bushem, 56th A/C BJP Party Advisor. A short speech was delivered by President NDPP, 56th A/C Noklak, Lamthai.
BJYM President, Pukho Lusang, chaired the program while welcome address was deliverd by Chongpa. Vote of thanks was given by Peshen Mandal president 56th A/C.
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