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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

NH takes tough stand against polls

Sunday, 14 January 2018 12:38
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Urges Nagas to stop conduct of election 

Dimapur, January 13: With both the Government of India and the Election Commission of India maintaining that the general election in Nagaland will be held as scheduled despite cry from almost all Naga organization to defer the scheduled polls in favour of solution to the protracted Indo-Naga political problem, the Naga Hoho (NH) today appealed to Naga people to gear up to stop the election from being held. 

"Naga Hoho appeal to the Naga people from different walks of life to gear up and defend the inherent rights of the Naga people and not to allow holding of election in our land," said a press release issued by Naga Hoho.

The NH had in a representation to the Prime Minister on January 8 last had also cautioned that the Government of India would be held responsible in the event of unwanted situations due to failure to defer the election process in Nagaland. 

Earlier in 1998, the Naga Hoho and other civil societies including some political parties in Nagaland had boycotted the general election in 1998 in support of "solution, not election."

The NH as well as other civil society organizations had been demanding that the forthcoming general election in the State be deferred to pave way for solution to the Naga issue. The organizations have written to the President of India, Prime Minister, Election Commission of India, etc seeking postponement of the polls. 

Even the 12th Nagaland Legislative Assembly on 15th December 2017 had formally adopted a resolution on the Naga political issue and urged the Government of India to tke "emergent and extraordinary steps" for ushering in an honourable and acceptable solution to the issue before the general election scheduled in March 2018. It had even urged the ECI not to announce election schedule until the Government of India arrives at a solution to the Naga issue. 

In a press release issued today, the NH reminded that it had been repeatedly seeking the attention of the Government of India to sincerely consider the general wishes of the Naga people with ardent request to initiate meaningful dialogue with all the stakeholders for lasting solution of Indo-Naga political problem at the earliest and defer the scheduled election in the state. NH said it had requested the PM, President, Interlocutor and ECI to bring early solution instead of holding election.

Stating that the various statements from Naga civil societies and tribe hohos and the wishes of the Naga people for political solution and not election should not be ignored by the Government of India, the NH said, "As the voice of the people is supreme in a democratic set up, and therefore, the Naga Hoho appeal to the Naga people from different walks of life to gear up and defend the inherent rights of the Naga people and not to allow holding of election in our land."

The NH urged the Government of India to understand that Naga people are extending helping hands for solving the decades old Indo-Naga political problem and not asking for favour from Government of India. (Page News Service) 

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