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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

FUNICH slams 6 NNPGs demand for 'inclusive talks'

Thursday, 14 September 2017 12:07
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Dimapur, September 13: The Forum for Understanding Naga-India Conflict & Human Rights (FUNICH) has raised concerns over what it called the 'inclusive political talks' rhetoric to Government of India interlocutor, R N Ravi.

In a meeting with the Government of India (GoI) interlocutor, R N Ravi on September 11 last, FUNICH Convener, Lakpachui Siro raised critical points to the demand for inclusive political talks by 6 Naga Political Groups (NPGs) supported by Naga Tribal Council (NTC) and Against Corruption and Unabated Taxation (ACAUT). 

The interlocutor was reminded that the talk with the NSCN under the leadership of Th. Muivah and Isak Chishi Swu started because of their movement, which is based firmly on the Naga people's political and historical rights. 

FUNICH Convenor also stated that the leadership and organization have continuously displayed their moral political ground based on the Naga historical and political rights as one people. In their long political struggles they have remained steadfast in their commitment and conviction to the Naga people's political rights. The leadership led by Th Muivah and late Yaruiwo Isak Swu have strengthened the Naga people's struggle for political justice by condemning the creation of Nagaland State in 1963, which is not Nagaland in true sense as it encompasses only a small portion of Nagaland and their political aspirations completely ignored. 

It further mentioned that under the leadership of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and Th. Muivah, solution based on shared sovereignty is worked out and accordingly Framework Agreement was signed in 2015. 

"Now, it is clear that the solution is bound to come soon as it is the best interest of GoI and Naga people," it said.

According to a press release issued by Media & Publicity Wing of FUNICH, there is a deliberate attempt by a group of people living in the present Indian created Nagaland State who have remained silent or supported the creation of Nagaland State by betraying the true essence of Naga people's struggle, which is geo-political in nature is now mobilizing their force to disturb inclusive political settlement that is honourable. 

"Let us also remember that a large number of Nagas from the present Nagaland State remain silent or supported the Shillong Accord. It was only because of few leadership and their supporters; whether be it from Southern Nagalim or the present Nagaland State or other Naga areas that have save the Naga people's political rights," the release stated.

FUNICH further stated that when two negotiating parties are about to conclude 20 years of political talks with great sense of maturity and patience, there is a rising sectarian agendas raised by newly formed 6 NNPGs with the support of the newly formed NTC and ACAUT. 

It said for the larger interest of both the negotiating parties, such force must not be encouraged to become a stumbling block in finalizing honourable solution for Naga people and India. 

It alleged that the GoI have tried to suppress the Naga people's struggle by signing agreement with similar group of people in the past that carries sectarian interest, ignoring the voice of the leadership and organization that carries the Naga people's political rights. "The assertion of Mr. Kitovi, Convenor of 6 NNPGs that the solution for the Nagas inhabiting within the present Nagaland State must be represented by the Nagas of Nagaland is a complete negation of how the ceasefire and talk started. The issue and the talk is not based on tribal or territorial boundary, it is inclusive in nature," it further said.

The FUNICH said if at all the 6 NNPGs are not happy with the current state of affairs in Nagaland State they must register their organization in the Indian Election Commission and contest election because the issue they are raising is within the ambit of Indian Constitution. 

"However, if you want to speak on Naga political rights, it cannot be fragmented on tribal or artificial political boundaries," it further added.

On their constant assertion that they are the real voice of Nagas of Nagaland State, the Convener argued that number of Nagas hailing from the present Nagaland State serving under the leadership of Mr. Th. Muivah and Khole Konyak is more than all the members put together under the 6 NNPGs, "whereas, the young organization led by young group of people with hardly any background worthy of respect have not demonstrated any seriousness in asserting Naga political rights." 

"If people have to take them seriously, they have to come out with more convincing political vision for the Nagas. Instead of demanding GoI and NSCN to make Framework Agreement public, they may come out publicly on the terms of ceasefire/suspension of operation with GoI," it further stated

The interlocutor RN Ravi assured the Convener that no steps would be taken without the full confidence of the collective leadership led by Th. Muivah and Khole Konyak. Further, the interlocutor affirmed that any destructive force to destabilize the peace process would not be tolerated and assured that both side are working hard to come out with the final peace accord at the earliest possible time. (Page News Service)

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