Theunuo clan meet held

Dimapur, November 19: The Theünuo clan and the Kezo, Lohe, Khesoh, Keyho, Vese, Lomi and Rhi clan coordination meeting was held on November 18 at Kohima. Theünuo clan president Vizonyü Theünuo and Povotso Lohe representing the clan from the Chakesang community delivered fraternal speeches.
The Theunuo clan meeting was held with the intention to foster brotherhood, unity, camaraderie, solidarity and aimed at bringing out more on the shared history of having existed together in the Theunuomiaphe village during the olden days.
The clan formed a coordination committee with the following as members: Khriedi Theünuo, convener, Povotso Lohe, co-convener, Khupo Kezo, Kekhriengulie Theunuo, Kesoneilie Theunuo and Vikuo Rhi as members.
The meeting was chaired by Khriedi Theunuo, while Rev. Ketuo Theunuo invoked God’s blessing for the coordination meeting, Vikuo Rhi said the benediction with all the clan members holding hands together for God’s bountiful blessing upon the clan. (Page News Service)