Tele-medicine facility at SD Jain Charitable Clinic

Tele medicine Jain Clinic

Dimapur, October 8: A Tele-medicine Centre was inaugurated on October 7 at SD Jain Charitable Clinic in collaboration with Naruvi Hospitals, Vellore. The Center was inaugurated by the Executive Director of Naruvi Hospitals, Paul T Henry in presence of Narendra Jain, Secretary S D Jain Charitable Clinic and Om Prakash Sethi, President, Jain Samaj , Dimapur .

Patients now can now avail Tele Medicine facility through Video conference of various specialist of doctors of Naruvi Hospitals Vellore by paying charge of Rs. 800, a press release issued by Narendra Jain
Secretary, S D Jain Charitable Clinic stated
In the wake of the ongoing pandemic, tele-medicine will prove to be an added boon to the health-care provider as well as the patients in terms of reducing the burden of healthcare professionals and providing psychological support to the patients.
Moreover, two days specialized medical camp is also going on at SD Jain Charitable Clinic under collaboration of Naruvi Hospitals, Vellore. Four specialist doctors, Pulmology, Orthopedics (spine) , General medicine and Urologist have come from Vellore.
Today, more than 118 patients have availed the camp and more are expected tomorrow.
SD Jain Charitable has expressed gratitude to the management of Naruvi Hospitals for opening the Telemedicine Center and also organizing the medical camp. (Page News Service)