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Students’ Union Ultimatum to Nagaland Chief Minister


Shri. Neiphiu Rio

Hon’ble Chief Minister

Govt. of Nagaland, New Secretariat Kohima

Sub: Ultimatum demanding immediate responses and fulfillment of the stranded citizens from Nagaland as per the promises of Nagaland Government.


As cited on the subjects above, we would like to again appeal to our Nagaland Government and your esteem office for immediate responses and actions thereon. As per our earlier appeal dated 14th May 2020, subject “Arrangement of transportation for stranded Nagas outside Nagaland and other necessary arrangement for Covid 19 issues”, we are deeply outraged as there is not even a single communiqué from the government to our appeal till now.

Sir, we have been patient enough expecting everyday a call or an official communiqué. But now due to the lack of any response, we once again bring to your esteemed office to urgently respond to the needs and inconveniences of stranded people from Nagaland.

  1. If the government is going to arrange transportation, kindly see to it that it is arranged at the earliest without any delay because we are facing unprecedented issues and challenges with every passing day. Our people are in constant fear of getting evicted. Landlords are forcing our brothers and sisters to leave and go to their respective state as the rain services are available now. The student leaders are requesting the landlords for extension but we have reached a point where the extension period that we requested have already passed. We are handling cases that range from landlords locking our people in their flats to ensure that they don’t go out due to nonpayment of rent, landlords turning off the water and electricity due to nonpayment of rent and even cases where landlords are asking for sexual favours in return for staying in their rented apartment.
  2. For the transportation, provide a proper fixed date, pick up point and send the notification to all the respective DC or DMs of the concern states. This notification should also contain the arrangements of vehicles to pick up in a nearest point. Most of the people are relying solely on te dates to stock rations, to give fixed dates to the landlords or company accommodation.
  3. We request Government of Nagaland to establish a rapport communication to other state Governments in bring the stranded vulnerable people who are so desperate in other states at the earliest.
  4. We request Government of Nagaland to establish coordination between other state governments and Naga Student Unions to have an efficient and more organized evacuation of stranded desperate people who are in need of immediate evacuation.
  5. Why is the covid-19 helpline referring calls back to the student leaders regarding transport arrangements when the student leaders are not given any transparency on any of the arrangements.
  6. There are many people who were unable to fill the forms of special package or the returnee declaration form due to various issues like non possession of smart phones, no access to internet, getting the information late. What alternate arrangements are being made for them?

We have been working as FRONTLINES for our stranded citizens outside Nagaland. Leaving aside of our safety, we are exposed to more dangers everyday trying to help our stranded brothers and sisters from Nagaland. But when the government who is our only hope does not respond even to our queries, we are left perplexed and mortified. Once again we appeal to you to speedy up the processes, provide us with proper informations within two (2) days, respond to our queries at the earliest or else we see a huge catastrophe coming the way for the stranded people.

Thanking you in anticipation


  1. Mughato Kiba, NSU Bangalore
  2. Lulu N Lohe, NSU Pune
  3. N Chibenthung, NSU Chennai


  1. Jubika A Yepthomi, NSU Dehradun
  2. TP Dining, NSU Shillong


  1. Hinoto P Awomi, NSU Delhi
  2. Putu N Imsong, NSU Gujarat
  3. L Yantsothung Lotha, NSU Salem
  4. Arenlong, Naga Union Coimbatore
  5. Sulanthung, Naga Union Goa
  6. Ajat Konyak, NSU Aizawl
  7. Dinenli Kath, NSU Kolkata
  8. Sitenlo Tep, NSU Allahabad
  9. Hokikhe Zhimo, NSU Guwahati
  10. Chumroba J Sangtam, NSU Chandigarh
  11. Wungramthing Huileng, NSU Mumbai
  12. Imsanger Jamir, NSU Pagware, Punjab
  13. Asimbe, NSU Rajasthan
  14. Inaka Khuju, Society for Naga Students’ Welfare, Kerala

Copy to:

  1. Shri Temjen Toy, IAS, Chief Secretary, Govt. of Nagaland
  2. Naga Students’ Federation
  3. Shahnavas, Principal Director, School Education and Nodal Officer