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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Dimapur police seizes sub-standard mosquito coil during raid

Saturday, 13 January 2018 12:13
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Dimapur, January 12: Dimapur police along with AET Zone-I Dimapur conducted raid at Hazi Park, Dimapur on January 11 to check sub-standard mosquito coil "Godzilla" which is manufactured and imported from Burma (Myanmar) to neighbouring states without the approval of the Central Insecticide Board. 

Around 120 cartons containing 80 packets per cartoon was seized from 3 godowns located at Hazi Park and Kalibari Road Dimapur for not possessing any documents from the competent authority.

According to experts the most common active ingredients in coil are various Dyrehriods, such as allethrin, d-allethein, Dynamin forte and ETOC. Octachlorodipropylether is sometimes used as a synergistor active ingredient  and as such use of such coils exposes human to the level of bischloromethyl ether, which is an extremely potent lung carcinogen. Some imported mosquito coils contain this chemical and is banned in many countries. 

Other compounds, released during the burning of mosquito coil aldehydes, formaldehydes, fine and ultrafine particles benzene benzo (a) pyrene, benzo (b) fluoranthene are also classified as probable human carcinogens. Some of these chemicals are said to be partly insecticides which is also found in the Godzilla mosquito coil. 

The main chemical called menerfluthrin, a toxic chemical is used in Godzilla mosquito coils which is very harmful to humans in a major cause for lung cancer according to expert.

Burning of one mosquito coil would release the same amount of particulate matter as burning 75-137 cigarettes; the emission of formaldehyde from burning one coil can be as high as that released from burning 51 cigarettes.

The authorized products are to be imported by those having an import export license and the product should carry a batch number and expiry date. Many products from Myanmar are unregistered and unsafe for human being.

In this connection three accused identified as Ashok Kumar presently resident of N.L Road Dimapur, Suresh Kumar presently resident of Marwaripatti Dimapur and Rupesh Kumar presently resident of Thakurbari were arrested and a case has been registered at East PS Dimapur for further investigation. 

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