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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Comm of Police calls upon youths to guard against intolerance & isms

Sunday, 13 August 2017 12:18
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Dimapur, August 12: Commissioner of Police, Dimapur, Limasunep Jamir, IPS today called upon the youths to remain united for a durable society and guard against intolerance and 'isms' as these have the power to collapse the social system.

Speaking at the Darogapathar Annual Youth Conclave 2017 on the theme, 'Progress in Unity' at Delhi Public School, organized by Darogapathar Youth Organization, the Commissioner of Police asked them to be engaged in social activities and politics to bring a change instead of being fixed on video games and TV screens. He also asked them to read and interact with people to build different perspectives and empathy and love each other as Jesus had commanded.

He said that a network of co-operation is necessary for survival and durability of a society and when someone doesn't co-operate, laws are needed.

He also asked the youths to have an adaptive attitude and recognize changes or they might be swept away in the wave of ignorance and confusion and advocated the need of debates and discussion on different perspectives saying each culture has a different view on how an ideal society should be and the difference make it necessary to have discussion and come up with the most suitable social system.

Commissioner of Taxes, Asangba Chuba Ao, IAS, who was the resource person questioned the attendants as to why they give so much importance to government jobs.

He reminded them that there were times when Nagas were self reliant but today, Nagas procure everything from the outsiders and the whole economy of the state has been given in silver plate to the outsiders just because Nagas don't want to do jobs which the outsiders are willing and everyone is after government jobs because they want to earn good income but don't want to work at the same time.

"Here in Nagaland, the amount of work that government servants do in an entire month is done by others in other parts of the country in a week and yet when they don't get their salary on the first day of the month they start shouting," he said, claiming that the unemployment issue that the state is facing is purely artificial and government servants work on average 2-3 hours each day according to their will.

He questioned the greed for money among people and why while individually Nagas are such better persons, as a community they have failed to project a positive image in front of the outsiders which has led to Nagas being  tagged as 'poorest' and Nagaland being a 'dangerous' place by others.

He asked if Nagas can call themselves civilized when the drains overflow in the state and people are just concerned about the cleanliness of until their respective courtyards.

EAC Chumukedima, Thejavizo Nakhro who also was one of the resource persons said that youths are seen as answers to the problems that a society face and are hopes of many and thus they have a large goal to play and constitute an important force.

Calling education the most important to bring inherent changes in an individual and to become responsible citizens, he encouraged the different sections of the society to contribute towards making a healthy society.

The programme was also dotted with many a beautiful songs and dance performances and felicitation of students of Darogapathar who brought laurels during the HSLC and HSSLC examinations.

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