Shady bureaucrats

Political issues may or may not take three-months to get resolved, although according to Government of India interlocutor and newly appointed Governor of Nagaland, RN Ravi, Prime Minister Modi wants to settle the issued within three months time. Hopefully the issue is resolved amicably and honourable within the timeframe set by Modi in the interest of all parties, particularly the general populace. That being said, it is disgusting to see that providing even basic amenities to the common people has become like giving them huge favour. The common masses have a right to live a dignified life as in a democratic system the government is always claimed to be by the people, for the people and of the people. This definition of any democratic government looks so attractive but on the ground things are quite contrasts. Most of the elected representatives often forget their promises but if few want to deliver they have to face bureaucratic bottleneck. It is sad to note how simple and genuine issues are made much complicated only to satisfy the conscience of few white collar babus who often claim themselves to be public servants. And it is no wonder, why some bureaucrats wants to stick to a particular department and have even the power to change government notification ordering their transfer and posting within 3-4 days of the order coming out, as was seen some days back. No doubt there are honest and competent officers in every department but not only their voice goes unheard but unfortunately they just keep most of the issues lingering, just to prove that they have no self interest in the said subject. They don’t realize that how their sick minded attitude makes masses suffer. People have a right to blame elected representatives for their miseries but the basic thing which most of us forget is the fact that not much lies in the hands of public representatives. It may sound strange but the fact is that the ultimate redress and disposal has to come through bureaucracy and most of the times it is a time consuming process. Be it public representatives or bureaucrats all come from the same society, as such both are reflection of the society they come from, still we all need to change our attitude and behaviour and understand our duties. This is not an attempt to give clean chit to the elected representatives for the years of mis-governance our people are undergoing. But at the same time, we also cannot absolve the bureaucrats from any blame for the situation we are in today. Indeed we more often than not are bound to blame elected representatives for poor governance, corruption, lack of basic amenities and nepotism in any democratically elected dispensation, and it is easy for everyone to accuse and abuse any political government or any elected public representative but we generally tend to forget about the babus, who on most occasion treat themselves beyond accountability. It is not just the ministers or MLAs, today to even meet a babu with a genuine public issue is a Himalayan task for a common man. How shameful that in remote areas many schools are without teachers and hospitals are without doctors and para medical staff only for the reason that those at the helm of affairs derive pleasure from the sufferings of masses and also want to prove that they are above all, and subordinate to none. Let us not forget that any elected representative has to seek fresh mandate from the public after a maximum of five years and prove his worth, but a bureaucrat once selected is always there. It is for the political parties to introspect and ensure that the system is made people friendly and there has to be a proper coordination between political dispensation, bureaucracy and common masses. Those running the state from their cozy rooms in the civil secretariat have to wake up from deep slumbers and earn respect among masses, not by their status but by their work, as masses always respect those who deliver on the ground.