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Revoke AFSPA: NTC appeals to President

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DIMAPUR, DECEMBER 17: The Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) has appealed to the President of India to revoke the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, as well as the Disturbed Area tag from Nagaland.
In a representation to the President of India, NTC alleged that the Government of India without any proper ground reality assessment invokes AFSPA and declares entire Nagaland to be disturbed area.
However the NTC claimed that the entire Nagaland is now peaceful area “as all NPGs from Nagaland” have ceasefire with GoI, “and there is no reason why AFSPA 1958 with the Section to declare areas as “disturbed areas” should remain in the state of Nagaland”.
“The State is under the bond of peaceful ceasefire for the last twenty four years”, it reminded.
NTC said Naga people are eagerly expecting Naga political solution before Christmas as “Christmas gift” “as assured by both the GoI representatives for Naga peace talks and State political leaders”.
“However, to the contrary Nagas have been presented with the ruthless massacre of our thirteen unarmed Konyak Naga innocent brothers in cold blood and several other civilians left injured with bullet wounds by the Indian Armed Forces at Oting village area in Mon district on 4th December 2021 whereby many have become orphaned and widows under the shadow of AFSPA”, it said, while terming the incident as unfortunate, mistaken identity or regret by any authority is unqualified.
The armed security forces responsible for the criminal act committed to the innocent Oting villagers must be brought to book in the interest of justice without delay. The charter of demands for the victimized people must also be fulfilled at the earliest, it said.
Stating that “peace and war” are never the same, and the two cannot go together, the NTC said unless AFSPA is revoked “the trigger happy armed forces” are bound to abuse the provisions of the Act.
“Nagas are not wild animals or beast so that we are hunted down at the whims of the Indian armed forces. We are also a human like anyone else in the mainland.”
The NTC urged the President of India to take immediate steps and impress upon GoI to revoke extension of ‘terrorism tag’, disturb areas, and AFSPA 1958 in the entire state of Nagaland forthwith.
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