Regional workshop ‘SANKALP’ held at Kohima

Dimapur, September 3: Regional workshop, SANKALP for Nagaland was held on September 3 at Capital Convention Centre, Kohima, organised by the department of Employment & Skill Development.
CEO NSDC, Manish Kumar highlighted the activities of NSDC(National Skill Development Corporation), where he emphasized on promoting private sector participation in skill development, giving funds to assist private entities for enhancing the employability of work provided in the form of soft loans, equity and grants.
He mentioned that the key activities done by NSDC is providing services as skill gap, train the trainer programmes and initiating international collaboration and also creating sustainable ecosystem for skill development.
Kumar further stated that during his visit to Kiphire, seeing the ground reality and capacity of the people, Northeast requires different approach to the skills because the educational level in some ways is different and also are the soft skills in North East, therefore what the States need is a specific plan that matches their consistency.
He also informed that counselling at a larger scale is needed to make the local youths aware of the opportunity and what to expect in the future.
He further expressed that Nagaland has a lot of opportunity which would link to opening market in South East Asia and for which they are looking forward to chalk out the requirement and also to link young people who wants to work abroad.
Chief Secretary, Temjen Toy, in his address, appreciated the delegates for having such workshop in Nagaland because it will help empower our youths, as Nagaland is a State teaming with talent and potential. He informed that, when it comes to skill development, our Naga youths have talent not only in service sector, hospitality but in arts, like music which is something to be proud of and to be appreciated and the problem is that musicians don’t have the right market where they can make music into a career option. Therefore, he appealed to them to have various programmes under the ministry of Skill Development & Employment, where our youths can further be empowered.
He further mentioned that, besides having various schemes and programmes it is very important to have objectives- whether it has reached or not, whether the expected outcome has taken place or not, and to make it happen, we need to have a certain guidelines which needs to be customised to suit the needs of local youths in each State. Henceforth, he urged the Government of India to help in modelling the guidelines to the requirements of Nagaland.
In his address, Secretary Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (MSDE), K.P Krishan IAS stated that the three main components of their activities are- the idea of long duration system, the short duration SD programs, and the entrepreneurship which focuses on self employment. He also added the Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship which is located in Guwahati, created exclusively to focus on the North East which essentially looks at self employment and entrepreneurship. There are number of schemes that the organization run but the most prominent one that they focus on is the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna (PMKVY).
He also mentioned that the three main weaknesses of the programme were:- the schemes are still Delhi driven, where uniformity is treated as a virtue and often it is administratively easy for the central Ministry to develop a scheme which is Central oriented. Secondly, skill development schemes are also driven by the training they provide which often results in uniformity. Thirdly, there is an inadequate connection with the livelihoods of the different states.
He further said that once PMKVY ends, they have come up with ways to address this situation by moving the focus from the Centre (although Centre will be the primary agency for funding) and have programmes which are more State and district driven, it will also be more demand-driven and not driven by training providers and, focus will be more on self employment. What they also proposed to do is the identification and mobilisation of school dropouts and adults who will undergo skill development. They will also provide counselling to assess the attitude and aptitude of children which will help the children find their prospects for their future. Further, he added that they will also be focusing on capacity creation in the district levels through NSDC.
The goal of MSDE with the help of NSDC will be to try and get the approval of the Union Cabinet for a model where in each State they enter into a partnership agreement where they indicate the amount of money available in the State and, between the state and the Union Ministry they agree on what should be the outcome at the end of five years. At a conceptual level SANKALP recognizes that the modern market, driven by creativity and technology is a constantly evolving space. Skill training therefore needs to equip people such that it expands their agency to adapt, negotiate and suitably position their skill offerings.
Minister of Planning, Nagaland, Neiba Kronu in his address pointed out that North-East is in need for skill development to compete equally with other small neighbouring countries.
He further suggested that, besides other skill development, North-East needs to focus on agricultural sector as this sector is important for the livelihood of the people.
Neiba, applauded the delegates for taking the initiatives in visiting our State and organising such regional workshop and hope this skill development workshop will open up many opportunities to empower our youths.
Highlights of the programme included dialogue with Secretary on Convergence, Informal apprenticeship, Connectivity with ASEAN: opportunities; industry session with CEO, NSDC; State presentation and discussions of Nagaland, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim.
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