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Protest in Imphal to condemn Oting killing demands repeal of AFSPA

Imphal Protest

IMPHAL, December 9: Several civil society organizations took part in a sit-in-protest in Imphal today to condemn the Mon district incidents (Oting killings) and also to show solidarity to the victims.
The protest, carried under the aegis of the Coordinating Committee on Manipur Integrity (COCOMI), also demanded complete repeal of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) from the entire Northeast. The protest was carried out at Keishampat Junction in Imphal.
Placards displayed at the protest site read—“Stop killing innocent people,” “Repeal AFSPA,” “Respect right to life of Northeast people,” “COCOMI condemns Oting massacre,” etc.
Talking to reporters, COCOMI coordinator, Longjam Ratankumar said that there would be no meaning for development in the region where there is no right to life. “The Central government leaders always asserted that without developing the Northeast, India cannot be a developed country”, he said while adding, “However, they should keep in mind that there would be no meaning for development when security forces kill people at will under AFSPA”.
Ratankumar then said that the December 4 Oting incident was not the first time in which security forces killed innocent people without any provocation. He also alleged that the Central security forces have been killing innocent people in the region under the shadow of the AFSPA.
Ratankumar then said that if the BJP government at the Centre is still refusing to repeal AFSPA, it will be nothing but showcasing the double-standard view of the Centre towards the people of the region. (Newmai News Network)