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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Tribute to a Peaceful-Graceful Mother (Lhusi Haralu)

Thursday, 19 November 2015 11:54
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Ah! A piece of peace departed when Night-Madam visited!

Morning-Blesser followed with wails, tears and prayers;

Day-Teacher simultaneously poured upon us 

With eulogies and messages of peace

Reverberating throughout the length and breadth of our land;

Her footprints- generations will look up to learn.

Oh, the irony! How she left at such a moment

The eve of Nagaland Peace Council's 50th Anniversary

Not a day earlier or later.

The invisible Person or Being remains anonymous

Coinciding events of funeral and celebration;

And silently softly-tenderly speaks, the still small voice in our hearts.

Such unusual message, speaking in volumes, 

Challenging us to be more responsible for PEACE-

As it is not defined, explained nor taught in classrooms, 

But can only be lived out illustratively

As examples and symbols by all people, high or low.

To travel life's journey peacefully or warlike 

Depends on us only, and not on others.

Her examples, messages, conversations, communications

The lessons she taught in her life and death;

Oh, how inspiring! I salute her contributions to PEACE.

I bid her farewell here,

'Vivolieluo, apfü' (Goodbye, gracious mother)!


Dr. Dietho-o

South Corner, AG Road

Kohima, 18th November 2015

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